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NinJump, Let's Golf 2 top Fresh Android Games of the Week

by Caitlin M. Foyt

In this week's installment of Fresh Android Games of the Week, test your ninja skills and grab your tackle box for fishing out on the lake.

NinJump (Android) FREE

Ninjas are known for being stealthy soldiers, spies and assassins. Folklore and pop culture depicts them as being practically invisible, moving and climbing swiftly though the shadows. In this fast-paced game, you must use your Spiderman-like ninja skills to climb up the sides of buildings and other city scapes, trying to get up as high as you can. But, keep on the look out as you have a lot of enemies out there. You must defend yourself against the killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs that will meet you along the way. Make one little mistake and you’re a goner.

Let’s Golf! 2 (Android) ~$4.69

Gameloft’s popular golfing sequel is now available on Android. It has a style that's sort of reminiscent of the old Nintendo 64 game of Mario Golf. It’s certainly the kind of game that will catch your eye with its sharp, colorful graphics and silly, smiley characters. It takes the once boring game played only by businessmen and grandparents and turns it into an activity that can be genuinely enjoyed by gamers of all ages. Like most Gameloft HD games for Android, this game cannot be bought directly from the Android Market. You can instead grab it at the company’s website.

Big Sport Fishing 3D (Android) $3.99

You don’t always get to take weekend fishing trips out to the lake when you’d like to, but Big Sport Fishing 3D may be the next best thing. As you move your phone in your hand, the scenery in the game also moves, giving you the feeling that it’s like you’re actually there, sitting in a boat. This game has vibrant panoramic views and 10 different locations to choose from. To cast your line, just flick your wrist. You may want to check out the free, lite version of this app before investing in the full game.

Must.Eat.Birds (Android) ~$0.94

It turns out that Yogi Bear isn’t the only animal who likes picnic baskets. In the game of Must.Eat.Birds, your picnic lunch is under attack by a flock of greedy birds. You must fend off the mongrels for as long as you can using a catapult to fire a munching monster in their general direction.

Fans of Angry Birds may get a kick out of this game as it has a pretty similar tone. The colorful graphics, unique setting and goofy looking monsters also make this a very visually appealing game. With 18 mission stages and four challenge stages, Must.Eat.Birds will probably keep you busy for awhile.

Downhill Bowling 2 (Android) FREE

And you thought traditional bowling was a challenge. Downhill Bowling 2 takes the plain ol’ game of knocking the pins down at the end of the straight lane and cranks it up a notch. Steer a bowling ball using tilt or touch controls as it barrels through a slanted, yet picturesque outdoor course, either “Green Mountain”, “Wild West”, or “The Cave.” These courses are filled with all kinds of different obstacles and hazards. Throughout each course, there are ten sets of bowling pins which you will need to knock down when you’re not busy collecting coins, gems, and power ups. This just might be the most intense game of bowling you will ever play.