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Layer on the fun with these Augmented Reality games for Android

by Kristen Nicole

Games can be a great way to escape reality, but why not augment it all together? Your Android phone and its camera can transform the scene in front of you into a sniper scope or a kaledescope, with the magic of Augmented Reality. The technology is still in its early stage, but it only gets better from here.


iSnipeYou turns your camera into a target shooter for “practice” rounds. Work your way up the ranks as you take aim at objects and “enemy targets,” complete with sound and splatter effects. The Android game is a bit graphic, but it certainly adds to the augmented effect. Your shots are saved as images, which can be shared via email and social networking site. The full version will cost you 99 cents.

New on the scene, 3DWeapons is a shooter featuring an entire arsenal of guns, from pistols to long barrels. See details on each gun, with added references from Wikipedia and other sites. Once you’ve picked your weapon of choice, hold your phone up, take aim and fire away. This Android game is free.

Get your friends in on the fun with PhotoShoot Duel. This two-player Augmented Reality game pits you against your enemy shooter, in a digital-day shoot out. Hone in on your opponent with face detection, and track your shot scores against theirs. Free, this Android game is like paintball, without the cheating (or the paint).

Battles & adventures

Have a dogfight anywhere, with the Sky Siege app for Android. This app drops you in different battle zones, combining a bit of augmented reality with a virtual one. Track your ammo, altitude and condition of your gunship, as you hold your own against enemy fighter planes. This Android app is about $2.30.

Parallel Kingdom AOT is a multiplayer game with virtual overlays making for very real gameplay. Combine this fantasy world with your own, battling other players in real time. Free, this Android game includes chat and social visits, as you journey across real maps littered with a variety of magical creatures.

Sad about the season end of Walking Dead? Try Zombie, Run! This free Android game makes for a realistic integration of your world with the world’s end, as you check for local “outbreaks” to avoid. This multiplayer game centers around your Google map, where you choose the type of zombies you’d like to escape within a set parameter.


Improve your golf game, by augmenting reality just a tad. The free Damn Golf! app is a GPS range-finder that shows your data overlaid on a satellite image of the course. See your distance to the green, bunkers and water hazards, helping you visualize your swing and trajectory like a pro.

Take the old Gipper with you, wherever you go. The Reagan Camera app overlays our former president onto photos you take, making for a hilarious cameo every time. Free, this Android app lets you share your snapshots with friends. Makers Diligent Labs has a range of similar apps for other celebrities, like Dave Chappelle.