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Fresh Android Games for Dec. 8: Let’s Golf! 2, Pirates and Traders: Gold!

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's batch of Fresh Android games will have you hanging out at on one of the most vibrant golf courses you’ve ever seen or become that pirate you’ve spent your life watching in movies.

Let’s Golf! 2 (Android) ~$4.69

Gameloft’s popular golfing sequel is now available on Android. It has a style that's sort of reminiscent of the old Nintendo 64 game of Mario Golf. It’s certainly the kind of game that will catch your eye with its sharp, colorful graphics and silly, smiley characters. It takes the once boring game played only by businessmen and grandparents and turns it into an activity that can be genuinely enjoyed by gamers of all ages. Like most Gameloft HD games for Android, this game cannot be bought directly from the Android Market. You can instead grab it at the company’s website.

Pirates and Traders: Gold! (Android) ~$4.96

Peg-legged, eye-patch wearing, buccaneering pirates wreaked all kinds of havoc during the 18th century. But, even to this day, who doesn’t have a weird fascination with pirates? Between all that treasure, complete freedom, those adventures through uncharted parts of the globe and those sexy outfits, pirates seem to represent this romantic idea of escape. Every Halloween there’s at least one scallywag at every party and movies about swashbucklers always seems to draw crowd. Everybody wants to be a pirate.

In the strategic role playing game of Pirates and Traders: Gold!, you are sailing your way through the Caribbean. From the get-go, you must decide if you want to be a kind, peaceful trader or a dangerous pirate. The way you play the game will affect the end result. If you want to give this game a try before you buy, check out the free version of Pirates and Traders in the Android Market.