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Angry Birds Seasons tops Fresh Android Games of the Week

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Gaming on Android continues to make good progress. Angry Birds got a huge, free, seasonal update with both Halloween and Xmas levels included in Seasons. Popular iPhone title Pocket God finally saw the light of day on Android, albeit a little buggy, plus there were some fun titles like Doodle Dash, Droid Odyssey and Snipe to round out this week's favorites.

Angry Birds Seasons (Android) FREE

Rovio mobile has just launched a holiday-themed version of everyone’s favorite mobile puzzle game. Now, not only can your home be decorated with garlands and ornaments, so will Angry Birds. In addition to featuring a more festive design, Angry Birds Seasons also acts like an Advent calender, including a special surprise for fans of the game every day until Christmas.This version also includes a 45-level Halloween edition, which has been packaged as a separate episode called "Trick or Treat."

Pocket God (Android) $0.99

One of the most popular games for the iPhone platform has finally made its way to Android. In the game of Pocket God, you are an omnipotent being who rules over an island. You get to decide how you want life to be for the primitive natives that inhabitant the island, offering them blessings, or punishing them for their misdeeds. You are in complete control of every happening on this island, whether it be giving the gift of tools to humanity, or summoning a deadly earthquake. The game also gives its users access to chat rooms, leader boards, achievements, and announcements during gameplay.

Doodle Dash (Android) FREE

Doodle Dash is a platform action game for your Android phone. In this game, you are a brave warrior, exterminating all that is dark and evil. As you progress through this game, be prepared to face all different kinds of enemies, including ninjas, mummies and vampires. Keep on the look out for weapons and other objects that will improve your health: they’re scattered throughout the game. Above all, follow your instinct. When things start to get scary, never stop running.

Droid Odyssey BETA (Android) FREE

Droid Odyssey BETA is a platform jumper for your Android phone. This game is a world of bright colors and tricky puzzles. Playing as a tiny robot, you will navigate your way through a series of increasingly difficult levels where you must overcome a series of obstacles. In each level, you also must do your best to collect as many items as you can, which you then use to throw in various directions. This game doesn’t last long, but by the time you have finished, you just might want to play it all over again.

Snipe (Android) $1.99

Snipe is a vibrant, high-definition shooting game in which you must kill your friends before they kill you. It’s a highly interactive and customizable kind of game. Decide whether you want to play in either single or multiplayer modes and then choose from dozens of different types of weapons. When you play in multiplayer, you can go up against Facebook friends, compare your stats, earn money and receive upgrades. The developers also offer a lite version of this game so that you can give it a try before committing to the full version.