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Pocket Legends update leads Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

It wasn’t that long ago when Pocket Legends left its mark as Android’s first 3D MMORPG, and this first major update brings another precedent for the Spacetime Studio game. Gameloft is also getting into the holiday spirit, with a November sale on all its Android titles, loosening the belt around your gaming budget.

New & updated

3D MMO Pocket Legends has gotten its first major update, with new quests, play modes and bosses to defeat. The free Android game has new adventures to explore, tons of new items to barter and collect, and more extensive gameplay overall. With a global playing field and enticing graphics, Pocket Legends will also feature custom characters.

Droid Odyssey is a new platform game for Android, taking you through a series of increasingly difficult levels full of items to collect and throw in one direction or another, overcoming each obstacle. Free, this game is short and sweet as a beta release, showing good promise for the Android Market.

Classic tank warfare just got more inclusive, with an update for Armored Strike Online. The multiplayer battler features two new late-stage weapons, the toxic barrel and the leaky toxic barrel, along with new scenes for online play. With bold graphics and easy gameplay, this Android title mixes smarts with savagery. The full game costs $3.99.

Top performers

HyperBees has had a smashing success with Speedx 3D, surpassing 50k downloads in the Android Market. An early favorite of mine, Speedx 3D is an accelerometer-powered race through colorful and twisting tunnels, littered with obstructions to avoid. The ~$1.59 game can now be played with specialty 3D glasses, which you can purchase from the developer.

Doodle Dash is a platform game of sorts, with graphics resembling what you’d find in most Kongregate titles. The Android action game features an armed runner, fighting a slew of enemies, including ninjas, mummies and vampires. A top performer this week, Doodle Dash is also dropping its full version price to 99 cents during the holidays.

Farm Story is exactly what you’d think -- a social game of crop-growing with an aim to develop the most fruitful homestead in the land. Free, this Android game has cleared 50k downloads within a week of launch, making it a popular FarmVille alternative as we wait for Zynga to roll out more Android titles.

Cargo! HD is a game of timing and skill, with a bit of juggling required to balance these prerequisites. Empty incoming crates into warehouses, and refill them with products before shipping them back out. Get an early edge on organization, if you hope to last long in this free game. New for Android, this hi-def title is also available for the Galaxy Tab.

Upcoming & special game offers

Riding a huge wave of commercial success, Angry Birds is celebrating 7 million downloads with a Christmas edition. It will feature a themed update, complete with new levels and costumes donned for the holiday season.

Gameloft is another major game developer bringing holiday discounts to the Android Market, with a special November sale. Today’s the final day for you to take advantage of the promo, which provides an additional free game download with the purchase of a game bought directly from Gameloft’s Android Store.