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Make traveling more fun with these Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Whether you're stuck in an airport, or in the car with your family, nothing eases the inconveniences of a long road trip more than an exciting game. Android to the rescue! As long as you have a charger, you have endless entertainment. Pass the inescapable road stretches and delayed flights with these Android games.

Occupancy: 2

Travel Games is a collection of familiar pastimes, spanning chess, checkers, Reversi, 5-in-a-row, 4-in-a-row and tic-tac-toe. No need to worry about game pieces falling between the seats with this $1.99 Android app. Its mirrored interface allows two players at the board, without having to pass the phone back and forth.

Uno is known as a fast-paced round of cards, with lots of shouting. Get the whole back seat in on the game with Uno's multiplayer mode. Get your hand down to a single card, and you just might win the game. Gameloft's version has nine rule sets and custom modes. Don't feel like sharing this $2.99 Android app? Play the computer instead.

Test your recollection skills against your fellow traveler with Memory for Two. This free Android app offers basic memory card-flip games, and keeps score of your points, as well as your opponent's. Instead of racing the clock, you're racking up matches against the other player.

For kids and treasure hunters

Kid Mode: Kids Games + Videos is a package deal to divert your child's attention during car rides. Designed for kids ages 2-8, this free Android app is a Flash-y collection of games and videos, with basic spelling and other educational lessons. Kid Mode keeps the rest of your phone safe, with a lock option.

GeoBeagle: Geocaching is your mobile access tool to thousands of geocaches, complete with GPS map-tracking and fieldnote logs. You can download caches directly, for easier access and management. Mark your hidden items and finds along your journey with this free Android app.

For singular access to the specific database, get the site's accompanying Android app. Geocaching searches your current or specified location to find nearby caches, with navigation options. Get the full treasure hunt experience, with the app's compass arrow, and log your adventures.

Lonely traveler

What the Doodle!? pulls you into a global game of Pictionary, with multiplayer games in real-time. This draw-guess game has a number of game modes, and a few social features as well. Play along with other gamers, and chat along as you try to glean guesses from their artwork. The full version is worth a try at ~$3.14.

Feeling more adventurous? RPG game Zenonia will transport you into another world. Escape your real-world travels with an epic of global proportions, taking your custom avatar across different worlds, trading, collecting and battling your way to glory. Bright and easy to navigate, Zenonia comes in at $5.99.