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Andor's Trail leads Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

More RPGs this week as multiplayer games gain in popularity. With the holiday travel season upon us, plenty of gamers are finding themselves with extra time to enjoy an Android game on-demand. Andor's Trail and Realms of Fortune were new releases earning quick interest, topping the week's best games list.

Tower Defense & RPGs

Andor's Trail had its debut this week, bringing an old-school RPG to the growing Android Market. Set behind an involved plot, you travel from one village to another, avenging your brother's disappearance. Battle monsters and solve quests along the way, building your arsenal with weapons you uncover and buy. This beta release is currently free.

Closer to WoW in its first-person perspective, Realms of Fortune is an RPG with 3D graphics and real-time, first person combat.  Earn weapons and bonuses, like extra lives and special potions. Free, the Android game has room to improve its movement controls, but the beta release has already cleared 1000 downloads in its first two days after launch.

Grave Defense is a tower defense game full of detailed graphics, making for intense gameplay and noteworthy battles. With plenty of weapons upgrades, work your way around the map, battling monsters and claiming more land. At ~$1.71 this Android title's Gold version has several levels to try out, all with unique scenes and challenges.

Leave Devil Alone is a gruesome tower defense game, with plenty of magic to be had. With similar gameplay to Plants vs. Zombies, you build your strategy around bonus spells and invading monsters, which get more aggressive as you progress in the game. The full HD version of this Android game costs $4.99.

Brainiacs and adventures

Hexage has big plans for Android, including HD title releases. Totemo is one of the lucky games chosen, having been optimized for higher-end smartphones. Clear the board with the moves available, revealing spirits and their helping (or hindering) ways. With colorful game play and a quickly-learned concept, the updated Totemo costs ~$2.84. The non-HD version has actually been discounted as well.

Want some regular arcade adventures? Gish Reloaded Free features a giant tar ball and his underground journeys. Using logic and the gelatinous capabilities of your squishy Gish, you'll develop the skills to overcome the obstacles littering each level of this cute and fun game. This Android app's ad-free version costs ~$1.36.

Droplets 2.0 is a relaxing puzzler with gorgeous graphics and soothing gameplay. Clear the dew-dropped board by flinging water droplets into another, keeping their path in line with game rules. This path isn't always clear, as insects and other objects will get in your way. This updated version comes with hundreds of new levels, all accessible for $1.99.

A new version of Hangman has arrived in the Android Market, with fun graphics complete with a chalkboard theme, multiple player modes, and interesting word choices. With quick rounds and score keepers, Optime Software's free version of Hangman is one of the best I've played in a while.

Ka-glom is a mix of Tetris and Bejeweled, with falling, colored blocks that explode once you get four in a row. Setting off a board-wide reaction, see how quickly you can clear the screen and keep it clear. Several game modes are available for achieving personal challenges. This free Android game is growing quickly, just days after launch.

With Wii-like puzzles, Amtalee is a 3D puzzle game where you must guide a block through cubed obstacles, sliding it towards the exit. With some complex mazes to flip and turn, this Android game is fun and challenging.  Replay levels and hone-in on your physics skills. The full version of Amtalee costs $3.99.