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Fresh Android Games for Nov. 17: Crazy Bird, Ant Run, Reckless Racing update

by Caitlin M. Foyt

In today's batch of Fresh Android Games, put your head in the clouds, run and jump like an ant, or drive around a dirt-track like a lunatic.

Crazy Bird (Android) FREE

In the game of Crazy Bird, you're a tiny bird, sitting on a platform made of building blocks in the sky. This game is more than what it seems. You have to use your brain to solve the puzzles.

To play the game, use the on-screen controls to jump from block to block. Every time you hop onto a new block, the block immediately behind you will fall to the ground. To complete a level, you must make all of these platform blocks fall. The catch is, however, that you can only hop onto each block a certain number of times. The game will become increasingly more difficult as it progresses.

Ant Run (Android) FREE

Did you know that ants can run and jump? No? Well, actually, I don't know if that is true in nature, but it's that facts of life in the game of Ant Run.

In this game, it's a race to get to the finish line, just make sure you avoid the obstacles along the way. Press the left side of the screen for lower jump and the right side of the screen for higher jump to get rid of the barriers. It's fun to play, but it might be worth the download just to check out the graphics.

Reckless Racing (Android) $2.99

The developer Polarbit has just updated its dirt road racing game Reckless Racing. The game, which is known for its vibrant graphics and online multiplayer gameplay, has made some adjustments.

There's a brand new track for players to slip and slide around on. There have also been some tweaks made to the key controls, and there were some general stability improvements. Players now also have the ability to reset passwords for added user accounts.