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Pocket Legends tops Android games of the week

by Kristen Nicole

A number of multiplayer games are emerging on Android, which is an unsurprising development in the mobile gaming world. It’s brought RPGs to the forefront of Android gaming news, with Pocket Legends taking all the glory this week. A number of puzzle games have also climbed the charts, for a growing collection of strategic titles that are sure to keep your brain (and digits) occupied.


Pocket Legends has made its way to Android, emerging from private beta. The 3D MMORPG gives you custom characters and gear, with plenty of items to buy in-game. Free, this Android game has already surpassed 50,000 downloads, with multiplayer gameplay that pits you against other Android and iPhone users.

Another RPG with cartoon-like graphics is Dungeon Wonders Lite, with some major updates (like Apps2SD) for its Android version. Gameplay is pretty guided, and typical of old school games of this nature. This free JRPG is a work in progress, with the full version still in the works.

Warring States is a tower defense game that’s gaining in the Android Market, with gameplay reminiscent of the classic Age of Empires.  Build your town, defend your land and bring civilization to a number of locations across the world. Free, this Android game supports live chat, plenty of gear to buy and quests to conquer.

Animal Instinct

Ancient Frog has leapt into the Android Market, a relaxing game of strategy and patience. Move your amphibian, limb-by-limb, across various landscapes to capture unknowing insects. This game is beautifully designed, with six species of frogs to choose from for gameplay. Ancient Frog costs $2.73.

SheepRun Lite is an adventurous game of rescue missions, where you must save this family of sheep. Encountering several obstacles on each level, you must find a way to safely get your sheep across deep chasms. Free, this new Android game is full of logic and fun.


WordPops is a game of smarts and speed, where you must spell words to burst lettered bubbles, keeping the screen clear as more bubbles continuously appear on the screen. Unlike similar games, WordPops has bonus perks for clearing the board, like freezing bubbles, or changing them into new letters. At $2.99 the game is a tad overpriced, but continues to make gains in the Android Market.

If you like multiplayer card games, try Skip Bo for Android. Be the first to ditch the cards in your stock pile, by playing them in numeric order. Games are quick in this psychedelic-themed game, with luck seemingly playing a large part of game strategy. Free, Skip Bo is a nice refresher game for a childhood favorite.

Androminion is another card game, newer to the Android Market. It isn’t nearly as colorful as Skip Bo (or most other games), but it requires a great deal of strategy. This free game has tough AI to beat, in a game where you must use a combo of card-counting and intuition. Admittedly, this game will have the most appeal for Dominion lovers – the more familiar you already are, the better.

GlowPuzzle is a game of light shows on your phone. For each level you must connect the dots using straight, continuous lines, which glow as you trace out your literal line of attack.  Choose your level and difficulty, with about 300 levels to choose from.  A recent update to this free Android game brought 10 more levels to beat.