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Fresh Android Games for Nov. 10: Angry Bird update, 3D Pong, Chess

by Caitlin M. Foyt

In today's batch of fresh Android games, we're featuring an update of an old favorite, a fun new twist on an ancient arcade classic, and the traditional game of chess.

Angry Birds update (Android) FREE

Just when you thought your obsession with Angry Birds would come to an end, the game's developer Rovio has released an update to the popular application. This update brings 45 new levels, bringing the count up to a total of 195. There's also a bunch of bug fixes including QVGA support, a brand new character and even some improvements on previous graphical issues.

Supposedly, Rovio still hasn't fixed that bug found on reddit which allows you to skip ahead in the game. This means, for now, you'll still be able to jump ahead to these new levels, even if you haven't passed the ones that came before.

3D Pong (Android) $2.39

Did you know that the first video game, ever, was actually invented to be a training exercise? Pong is a simulated table tennis sports game where you must do your best to avoid dropping the ball. Move the paddle vertically across the left side of the screen to compete against the computer controlled opponent. But, make sure you don't miss the ball, or the AI will earn a point. Earn more points than the computer and you win the game.

This version of the game puts a new spin on the 2D classic by being programmed in eye popping 3D. Fancy yourself a retro gamer? Then this download is a must-have for your Android phone.

Chess (Android) FREE

Chess is a complicated strategy game that dates back to the middle ages. Once considered a game that was reserved for the noble culture, an estimated 600 million people worldwide know how to play the game today.

Chess By Citrus Works for your Android phone is an app with a simple design and a basic concept. Just click the icon and you can start playing chess anytime, anywhere. This particular chess application is great for people who are just learning how to play the game, those who are world champions, and everyone else in between. Settings can be adjusted to change the time allotted per move, and players can choose whether they want to use "drag and drop" or "point and click" options.