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Tanks! tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

This week brought a range of top-performing games to the Android Market, but a couple of old school titles stood out. Tanks! introduced a classic vector Battlezone game to the Market, while a couple of PacMan-style games bring back the '80s in a different way.

New & upcoming

Tanks! has brought back an '80s classic, with vector-style graphics and well-rendered gameplay. The dark war zone is a graded, 3D field, pitting you against enemy tanks you can track on a radar. The longer you survive, the more enemies you’ll have to battle. This Battlezone throwback will run you $1.58.

Cows Don’t Fly is the latest from HyperBees, with a colorfully adorable game of “Kirby”-like exploration. This Android game features 15 levels of puzzling circumstances, where you must collect all the stars in a dizzying dance of aimed bouncing. With OpenFeint support, you’ll be able to share top scores from this $2.35 game.

ROM Gripper acts as a gateway to your favorite ROM games. With support for all major Android emulators, including Nesoid and SNesoid, this free app makes gameplay easy. You can search games you want for various systems, install and begin playing. Games stream smoothly on faster Androids, and ROM Gripper’s library is easy enough to navigate.

Top performers

Pocket Racing is an arcade favorite, with action-packed races that become new experiences with each of the five cars this game has to offer. Across eight tracks, this 2D racer is a digital “Hot Wheels” game, with achievements you can earn for speeding across the finish line. Recent updates for this $2.35 game include OpenFeint support and performance boosts for low-power devices.

Star Traders’ RPG is catching on with players, featuring a galactic battle that spans the universe. Play as a bounty hunter, merchant, pirate or smuggler, visiting more than 40 different worlds for exploration or plunder. Buy and barter the weapons you need to capture spaceships, and rack up the best of what these worlds have to offer. This massive multi-player game is free.

Spaghetti Marshmallows is a unique game of physics, turning your two building materials into something like edible Tonka toys. See how far you can build until your uncooked spaghetti noodles snap, blasting marshmallows everywhere. For $2.24, this Android game offers about 10 levels of challenges.

Touch Pool 2D is a billiards favorite, with several game modes and different challenges for varied game play, including a new option to play with 8-ball rules. The popular Android game has been updated to also include more cue ball tricks, and a smarter computer Al to try and beat. The full version costs $3.99.

Pacman style-biters

In full HD, the bright colors of EVAC’s new PacMan-like game are glorious. Running amidst neon-colored mazes, the new Hexage title lets you escape or trap your enemies with each passing level. Both HD and regular full versions of this Android game are $1.56.

A more direct homage to Pacman’s style is Ghostman, a free Android game clone for dedicated fans. From the graphics to the layout, Ghostman mimics PacMan pretty well, giving you an alternative to the official app from Namco. Rack up points as you munch your way through each level.