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Bowquest leads Fresh Android Games of the Week

by Caitlin M. Foyt

This edition of Fresh Android Games of the Week brings you two titles featuring bears--BowQuest: PandaMania! and Evil Bears--as well as a game full of crossword puzzles.

BowQuest: PandaMania! (Android) $1.99

Jack Black once voiced a panda who was obsessed with martial arts. In this game, however, you're a panda who happens to be exceptionally gifted with a bow and arrow. Use these superb archery skills to punish a gang of evil bandits and to liberate villages in order to win the game.

TetroSpin (Android) $0.99

TetroSpin is a lot like the classic game of Tetris. In this version, however, the game takes place on a cylinder-like platform. Move and rotate the colored blocks to create a full line of blocks without any gaps. This clears lines of bricks and prevents the top of the screen from becoming filled. This game supports keyboard input and both portrait and landscape screen settings.

Evil Bears (Android) $0.99

At some point, all of the stuffed animals in the world came to life. Unfortunately, they're not as cute and cuddly as they once were. They're evil and they want to murder you. Duck and dodge your way past the stuffed animal army and crush them when they try to attack you. Do what you must to stay alive and see just how many bears you can destroy along the way.

Knuddel's Quest FREE (Android) FREE

There's just something about that creature in Ridley Scott's film Alien that will haunt people's dreams forever. In the puzzle action game Knuddel's Quest, the hero "Knuddel" has been captured by evil space monsters. Escape from the eerie alien space station prison by collecting items, solving puzzles and staying out of harm's way This game currently features 25 levels with more to be added later.

Crossword Cryptic (Android) $3.14

Physicians have been prescribing puzzles as a good way to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Crossword Cryptic for Android is a set of 20 different intellectually stimulating crossword puzzles for you to take a stab at when you've got some spare time. This app offers a lot of cryptic-level puzzles, more challenging crosswords for seasoned veterans. However, there are also plenty of casual options included for those with less experience.