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Happy Island and other top Android games of the week

by Kristen Nicole

Android’s platform had received a lot of encouragement this week, thanks to OpenFeint’s $3 million infusion from Intel. The Android Market is beginning to reflect its growing support, with several new releases and updates this week, including Reckless Racing and the popular Facebook game Happy Island.

New & hot

Happy Island for Android has received a welcome update: it’s now free! The popular Facebook game is taking the freemium approach, with support for in-app purchases to keep your vacationers happy during their stay. Add hotels and attractions, and see how far you can build your resort.

Reckless Racing is an adventurous racer that’s finally coming to Android. This is a 3D game of physics and strategy, as your off-roading can land you in a ditch or across the finish line. The $2.99 game, released by Polarbit and PixelBite, features detailed graphics and an exciting soundtrack, with specialty car downloads and shareable stats to keep things interesting.

Another hot app this week is 250+ Solitaire Collection, with more game types than you can shake a stick at. The games are organized by type and broken down into game trees. Earmark your favorites for easy access. Card graphics are large and easy to maneuver, and each game comes with rules and demos. Best of all, this Android app is free.

Love to dance? Grab Beats, Advanced Rhythm. The new Android game, similar to Dance, Dance Revolution, comes with custom step packs and songs for you to tap out on your screen.  Install your own songs, land some combo moves for bonus points, and really make this game your own.

Mini Army by OrangePixel has been updated, with new game fields and modes, as well as achievements to unlock. You can also see your stats, with auto-updates for loading your scores to the leaderboards. Loosely based of the classic Snake game, this $1.36 Android title gives you an army unit to align and course through every level.


Letter Rip! Is a word game where you must rearrange tiles in order to form as many words as possible. Once a word is created, its tiles disappear, but new tiles are constantly filling your board. Create words before your board gets overloaded, and you’ll prove yourself a worthy wordsmith. This top performer is free.


The object of Runelore is to clear a number of runes from the board, which can be quite a challenge with this action-packed puzzle game. Match three or more of the same colors or symbols, clearing them by tapping a shooting star at the bottom of the screen. With 3D graphics and plenty of levels, this $1.99 Android game has an offbeat theme and fun effects.

Get your rabbit to safety by using his abilities to run and jump. Unique Rabbit, free for Android, encounters a number of dangerous obstacles, like rocks and hungry predators. Use a combination of smarts and strategy to overcome each level.



Already popular on the iPhone, Cut the Rope is headed to the Android Market. Developed by Zeptolab, the whimsical puzzler is fun but tricky. In each level, you feed candy to a hungry creature, using the objects at hand in order to line up your ‘cut’ to gain points as the candy drops.