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Android App Video Review: Jumpy

by Erik Fikkert

Jumpy is a small app for Android phones that is trying to bring back the classic run and jump gameplay of legendary games such as Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. The game has obviously taken a few of its design cues from the Super Mario series and is definitely a throwback to the golden days of gaming.

You control Jumpy, the little creature who is fond of jumping and running as fast as his feet can take him. Very similar to both legendary games, you collect rings but this seems to have absolutely no purpose at all. If you get hit, you will die no matter how many rings you have collected. After playing through a few levels, it becomes apparent all you will be doing is running and jumping with little more to find aside from some bonus levels. The graphics are awesome and the sounds feel extremely retro, but the gameplay was a little boring despite playing smooth and fast. The app definitely has both the look and feel of the classics even throwing in some modern influences, but I couldn’t see it holding up as a game in itself without some more features. Still, check it out and see for yourself.