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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tops the charts in Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Glu rolled out a new Guitar Hero this week -- Warriors of Rock brings a fresh collection of songs to play on your Android.  Flying Orbies has also brought another OpenFeint-supported title to the Android market, rapidly expanding the cross-platform options for gamers.

Multiplayer to the max

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is on Android, complete with OpenFeint support to play others online. From Glu, the official Guitar Hero game brings Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones and Slash to your phone. Cash in points for your achievement items and show what a rock star you are.  This Guitar Hero release costs $7.99.

Spartan Warfare has launched a mobile browser app for playing this popular MMORPG on your Android. You can continue gameplay wherever you are with this free game, going against thousands of other gamers live.  You choose your team, armor and transportation to battle out your enemies; the more you play, the more items you earn.

Also with OpenFeint support, Flying Orbies is a colorful puzzle game with two modes of play and 30 levels of challenges.  Destroy all the orbits of the same color to level up, which can be tricky once they get to flying around.  You can also share your top scores with the world, thanks to the OpenFeint leaderboard.

Cestos 2 is the long-awaited sequel of Chicken Brick Studios’ first game.  This multi-player game pits your marble avatar against others, racing to the end of each course. In the game, you avoid the mines, earning bonus points along the way. As rounds can be over quickly, it’s a great pick-up-and-play multi-player title.

How about playing a game of pool?  Try a round of 8ball, from Polarbit.  Aim your cue, sink the right balls, and share your high scores globally With OpenFeint support. At $1.99, 8ball keeps things simple, with expected challenges, nor any extra fluff and basic graphics.

Zap is this week’s second release from Polarbit, which also features OpenFeint support.  Another game of clearing balls from the board, Zap is more of a puzzle than a match game. With good 3D graphics and a catchy objective, the $1.99 Zap is a fun and classic title.

Bubble Blast 2 has been released for Android; the purpose of this free puzzle game is to clear the board by bursting bubbles.  You do so by triggering strategic chain reactions to clear as many bubbles as you can. Leaderboards are powered by Scoreloop.

Zombie Defense looks like a scene right out of Zombieland.  Set in rural Texas, your team of four has to take on the never-ending wave of zombies.  The 2D game gives you plenty of weapons and armor to collect as you lead your team through this horde of zombies.  This Android title costs 99 cents.

Platform highlights

Adobe AIR on Android means more multimedia apps on your phone. This means game developers now have a way to push AIR apps onto Android with fewer steps.  It’s a step forward for Android game options, which still have a bit of catching up to do.

GetJar’s new catalog lets you play premium Android games for free.  You get two weeks to try the full version of hundreds of Android titles, letting you skip the demo version downloads all together. Try before you buy, thanks to GetJar.