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Android App Video Review: Glyder 2

by Erik Fikkert

Glyder 2 is a game that will have players take control of Eryn, a poor soul who has mysteriously been tossed through a dimensional rift into another world and now must find her way home again. Luckily for her, she has an ingeniously built flying apparatus that we'll call a glider just for kicks.

This glider allows her to glide around the world collecting crystals that will eventually open a portal home. But enough of the filler story, let's get to what the game actually is. It feels like an old N64 game. Grab any game that had a flying mechanic in it from Super Mario 64 to Banjo Kazooie and you will instantly know what it feels like to play this game. You start out on a platform and pretty much fly around a 3D world to collect the different colored jewels. The controls are all tilt-based and sometimes become challenging, though I think it adds to the fun of the game. There are basically three different main features to the game. There are the thermals which are basically up arrows that will boost you back into the air or to different point of the map that would have been unreachable. There are also different platforms to land on that will complete challenges and also give you a well-needed rest from all your gliding. The third most important feature is the crystals themselves. You need to collect all of them in order to move on. For the most part it is pretty easy, but there are some that are tucked way deep into the nooks of the level and were a pain to get. Overall, it is a very polished game that is worth the price that's being asked. There is a free version in the Android Market so I suggest checking that out to see if it is your particular cup of tea