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Jumpy and other Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

This week brought a couple of new game releases from OrangePixel, including titles Jumpy and Mini Army.  We also saw a major update from Runes MMORPG, which has entered its final beta stage.  This marks the latest in a string of MMORPG updates on Android, growing the multi-player mobile gaming industry.

New & updated

Jumpy is one of two new titles from OrangePixel.  Like other run-and-jump games, Jumpy is similar to Mario Bros. or Kirby. Bounce from platform to platform, collecting points and avoiding enemies. The full version of this Android game costs about $2.

A second release from OrangePixel this week is Mini Army, an Android game full of strategy and attacks.  You have to survive the many missions, protecting yourself and your troops in this 2D game.  With OpenFeint support, Mini Army’s introductory price is around $1.50.

Runes MMORPG has been updated to its final beta stage before its full release, bringing a number of features to the free Android game. There are more custom features for your characters, include aging and re-naming, as well as improved visualization during battles.   The multi-player game has also added support for Android tablets.

Box Tower has gotten an upgrade and some fixes, so building and toppling structures is even more fun.  The free Android game is one of physics, where you must make a tower as high as possible, fighting gravity and friction’s mighty forces.  Box Tower has also climbed the charts in the past week, a sign of its increasing popularity.

Another physics game that’s gaining downloads is Moblox.  With this Android game, you want the boxes to fall from their platforms, strategically setting other actions into motion.  Thirty new levels and OpenFeint integration are some recent updates available in the full version, priced at around $2.75.

Upcoming & top performers

Kamikaze Race intends to be among the first games to support OpenFeint’s cross-platform integration, bringing its Kamikaze Race title to Android.  The release, expected in early October, will enable iOS and Android gamers to play each other in the slot racer.  Avoid traffic accidents with steering only, as brakes and acceleration are not options.

Galcon by Hassey Enterprises was a top arcade game this week, as online multi-player games continue to rise in popularity.  The $2.99 Android game requires galactic strategies, with your ships out to defeat enemy planets. In the game, you battle other players for their space territories.

Backbreaker Football has seen some extra interest now that football season is under way.  In this 3D game, you run plays to make the big scores, making it a graphically entertaining title for newer Android devices.  Updated with eight new challenges and 80 waves, Backbreaker Football is currently discounted at $2.99.

Crusade of Destiny is another top 3D game, with full-scale support for 3D RPG.  Filled with dragons and spells, you embark on a journey to destroy your enemies, collect weapons and win in combat. The story-like approach to this $4.99 Android game introduces game cycles and custom hot-keys to make gameplay easier for your needs.