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Gameloft HD’s updates lead this week’s top Android Games

by Kristen Nicole

Gameloft has revived excitement around Android’s gaming platform, with the launch of several titles in HD.  While sold through its own interface, Gameloft’s new HD titles are helping Android to compete with the iPhone.

Here are some top Android apps of the week.

New thrills

Gameloft has some exciting updates to its Android portal, incorporating HD into several of its games. Eleven premium titles have already been updated, including Real Football 2010, Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. Hopefully, the move will help start a trend amongst other Android game developers.

The Runes MMORPG has updated its beta version again, this time adding a total graphic rewrite, new characters and maps, as well as a new launcher.  The free Runes Android game is still in beta, so the major changes aren’t too surprising. Check out the new dungeons, amongst other new features.

Dead End is an apocalyptic take on a top-down, defense shooter game.  You must destroy enemy zombies as you trek through a graveyard, with varying levels of difficulty, zombie types and weapons.  At $2.99, the game has a lot of in-app rewards to unlock, which could be good or bad, depending on your preferred incentive methods. In all, Dead End is a deadly fun game.

Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced game of strategy and action.  Similar to Pac-Man style games, your enemies never stop moving, and you’ll have to fight or avoid every last one before advancing. For around $2, the game’s retro style completes the effect. Share scores on the leaderboard or on Facebook.

Defensoid is a board strategy game that keeps you on the defensive. You build up your own defenses to protect your tower of defense, while bleeding your competitor into oblivion.  I particularly like the concept of this $1.99 game, as it focuses on the thinking aspects of the defense game, skipping the kiddie look many tower-of-defense games have.

Top performers

Speaking of story-telling, tower-of-defense games, Pocket Empires still reigns supreme in the Android Market in terms of popularity.  The colorful backdrop of this free game combines a plot, animation and status reports to keep you fully immersed.  Build your empire in one of the 10 unique structures, with even more creatures to be recruited onto your defensive team.

Bubble Blast’s basic fun is still appealing, as it maintains a high position on the Android gamers’ chart.  In this free Android game, you burst bubbles to start chain reactions and see how much of the board you can clear.  There are multiple game playing modes to choose from, including arcade. Update and share your scores with friends, through Scoreloop.

In light of the Facebook Places launch, you may be interested in trying out another kind of localized fun. The Geocaching Pro Android app is a real life treasure hunt, where you seek out local “objects” others have left behind. Unlike many other free geocaching apps on Android, this one requires no additional downloads or folder-hunting.