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Sky Force Reloaded is literally a blast

by Tim McLain

Since the early days of Galaga in the local arcade we've been blasting away at never-ending streams of plane, tanks, helicopters and other enemies that vertically scroll their way down the screen. Sky Force Reloaded brings this familiar dodge, roll, and shoot-fest to the DROID, and not a moment too soon.

You'll auto-fire your way through each level, keeping a close eye on the percentage meter. Didn't take down enough baddies? Too bad, start over, kid. And don't get cocky, because this app gets crazy-hard on, well, Hard mode.

You might find that your fingers get cramped after a few minutes of play, but it's all in good fun. Drag your fighter over the battlefield to collect power-ups and shield boosts, all while taking in the scenery.

Vertical shooter fans will find lots to love in this title, including its soundtrack. So if you're itching to take on an entire army all by yourself, give Sky Force Reloaded an install. You'll be glad you did.