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Classic arcade games on the Android

by Kristen Nicole

Sometimes you just can't beat a classic arcade game. It's like driving a mechanical car — sturdy and reliable. And given the diversity of Android devices out there, the classic arcade games are often small and robust enough to run on all of them.

Bring a little nostalgia back to your life with a dose of these classic games on Android.

Classic titles

PAC-MAN is one of the most-recognized arcade games, and the Namco version made for Android doesn't disappoint. Race your Pacman through the bright blue maze, chomping up food, and avoiding enemy ghosts. This official version will cost you $4.99, bringing you countless hours of fun.

You might not be able to find a good, classic version of Brick Breaker in the Android market, but Meteor Breakout has done well with the popular game theme. In this version, your rocket must break through layers of blocks, avoiding enemies and collecting power boosts and bonuses. Free to download, the demo version comes with 10 levels.

Shooter games

A great space shooter throwback is Space War Lite, replicating the best of the '80s-era games. The free game pits you against enemy ships, asteroids and other obstacles. Fight your way to the final battle, which maintains the classic arcade motif (you fight a big ship).

XGalaxy is a scroll-style game, putting you in the pilot's seat. Blast your alien enemies, and collect power boosts and extra firepower. Everything about this $1.29 game has an old-school feel, from the soundtrack to the graphics. This space shooter game is reminiscent of classic '80s space-invader games, including a global ranking system.

Sky Force is another shooter game, this one taking place in the air. Fly over enemies, blasting them to pieces. The $3, Android game has the look and feel of your favorite shooters, with level-saving, a full soundtrack and retro special effects.


TigerArcade MAME is designed to support a number of arcade titles, including favorites from Capcom. Free, the Android app acts as a gateway for playing games like 1944 and Street Fighter 2. This mame has game-saving options, and can plug into a GamePad or Wiimote for even more of an arcade feel.

Rom Buddy is another emulator for Android, supporting Capcom arcade games, among other platforms. The mame will also let you download ROMs for Gameboy, Nintendo and Sega Genesis. For all that fun, you probably won't even notice the $1.99 price tag.