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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week brings us blockbusters, a couple classic ports, an indie smash hit, and two Gameloft titles. One of those titles is the long-anticipated sequel to the Modern Combat franchise, this time released only one week later than iOS. You can also take the town in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, or enjoy a good platforming combat arena game, a country hopping point-and-click adventure, a superhero-themed runner, and a war-themed social simulation.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($6.99)

One week after the iOS release, Gameloft finally decides to relieve the anticipation for their latest blockbuster mobile shooter, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Taking cues from Black Ops 2 concepts just as Modern Combat 3 took cues from Modern Warfare 3 concepts, the focus is more on futuristic weaponry and warfare. Those nasty terrorists have returned, and this time they’re after all of America’s unmanned drones. Visuals are as jaw dropping as expected, with the same effective gameplay and multiple control options. Multiplayer is also back in a big way, with upgrades that work in both single and multiplayer. You even get to play as the ridiculous, mustache-twirling, flag-burning, emotionless villain, which is just a laugh riot.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99)

Rockstar has already seen great success in the mobile space with their ports of classic titles such as Grand Theft Auto III and Max Payne. GTA III is great, no doubt, but in my humble and correct opinion, Vice City was infinitely better. The quick-witted and smarmy protagonist can actually speak (thanks, Ray Liotta) as he interacts with the hilarious depiction of a stereotypical 1980’s Miami environment. Dealing with the Mafia and Triads as a nameless protagonist is good, but becoming a notorious drug lord as Tommy Vercetti is even better! Also, listening to the fans, Rockstar implemented some control changes in terms of shooting and aiming that should be a great relief, but the game still drains your battery power, so watch out for that.

Spell Sword (Free)

Originally released on iOS back in April, this Fire Fruit Forge developed game is one of my favorites. It blends the action arena platformer gameplay of a Super Crate Box or Muffin Knight with, you guessed it, swords and spells! Instead of changing weapons or costumes through each session, you collect cards that activate different elemental spells. As you save up money, you can upgrade spells and buy new hats/helmets with fun game altering effects. The pixel art is superb, and the adrenaline-pumping chip tunes soundtrack sets the tone perfectly.

Broken Sword II: Smoking Mirror ($3.99)

This point-and-click adventure game stands as a classic. Originally released in 1997, it was met with positive reviews, and while it’s considered weaker than the original Broken Sword, it’s still a fun adventure full of puzzles. Now the original developers, Revolution Software, have re-released the game, re-mastered with improved visuals and sound, a new hint system, and even a digital comic from Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons. It takes place six months after the first, involving a worldwide hunt for ancient artifacts, with plenty of intrigue and deception on the side. Some people are having crashing issues, but definitely give this a look if you’re a point-and-click enthusiast.

Team Awesome ($0.99)

Team Awesome is the latest game from, and it is fantastic. It’s much like a previous title of theirs, namely Diversion, bringing more one touch controlled auto-running goodness. The difference this time is the heavy emphasis on the new theme of super heroes and hilarity. Diversion was just a random mash of nonsense with wacky costumes, but this games wackiness is directed into a story about four average Joes and Janes who get super powers. As you run through levels, you just touch the screen to jump, and hold it to fly. The environments are random, and this game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Just watch the trailer and see. Also, there’s a free version to try!

World at Arms (Free)

Yes, that's right. Gameloft graces this list twice, with two games that are very similar, yet diametrically opposed. If you're not as into the hardcore FPS gaming crowd, you can check out this unique take on the standard Facebook style social simulation. The theme is still world war, which should appeal to more core gamers, but the gameplay likely won't. Build up your own base, with barracks, armories, and research centers, and then send your units off to battle enemies. You actually participate in the battle somewhat, and decide which units to send, making this the most game-like social sim yet.

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