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Dark Meadow: The Pact tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week brings us a lot of big titles from big developers, with plenty of ports from other avenues of gaming. Topping our list is Dark Meadow, the moody and atmospheric take on Infinity Blade that is not to be missed. We've also got a Contract Killer Zombies sequel, a fun word game from Sega, an award winning indie puzzler involving cell division, a dark and gritty mystery adventure game, and the first ever MOBA for mobile, courtesy of Gameloft. Here are this week's top Android games!

Dark Meadow: The Pact (Free)

When it came out on iOS, Dark Meadow made a splash with it's fantastic horror atmosphere and gripping story, elevating developer Phosphor Games up a few notches in notoriety. Now Android users can enjoy the same mystery and intrigue in this adventure game with swipe combat. The entire game is experienced in the first person, with combat coming in a ranged crossbow phase and then more familiar melee phase. The voice acting is top notch, the Unreal Engine visuals are striking and strange, and once again, the atmosphere created is worth the price of admission alone. Luckily that price is nothing.

Contract Killer Zombies 2 (Free)

Just last month we saw a Contract Killer sequel, with a total overhaul of the formula. Instead of shooting from a stationary position, you actually snuck around levels and saw your character in the third person. It took no time at all for them to re-skin that game with zombies, and even less time to re-skin the sequel. Now you actually run around levels fighting the shambling horrors of the undead, with a plethora of carnage causing weapons at your disposal. New modes and missions come with the package to better complement the new gameplay style. This is Glu Mobile, so expect some unpleasant in-app purchases, but otherwise this is a solid game that everyone will surely play.

Heroes of Order & Chaos (Free)

Gameloft seems super pleased with themselves for bringing the "first ever MOBA for mobile" into existence. That's right, if you enjoy League of Legends or any of the other crazy popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, you can now enjoy that full experience from your phone, set in the same universe as Order & Chaos: Online. With over thirty heroes to fill the shoes of, and real time 3v3 or 5v5 multiplayer, this really is a full blown Action real time strategy, and while the controls and lag issues leave a bit to be desired, it is a highly impressive feat that the game works at all. Legendary Heroes came close to delivering what we MOBA fans wanted, sans the multiplayer, but Gameloft with their buckets of money has come to save the day.

Splice ($2.99)

Splice is a brilliant little indie puzzler from the same people who brought games such as Auditorium and Fractal into the world. They've seen a lot of success on the PC and iOS fronts, and now they're dipping their toe in the Android space with this acclaimed puzzler. Much like SpaceChem Mobile, and also originally on the PC, this puzzle game has its roots in science. Every level , or strand, consists of a number of cells that you must rearrange into specific structures via the splicing mechanic. The aesthetics and relaxing sound design make for a surprisingly immersive and atmospheric puzzler unlike anything else you'll play.

Yesterday. ($4.99)

Yesterday is another game that saw great success on the PC and iOS before hitting the Google Play store, only this time it's a modern point and click adventure game. Developed by Pendulo Studios, who also created the Runaway series of adventure games, and published by Bulkypix, this mystery/thriller is both shocking and fascinating. You get to play as three characters, one of which has no memory of who he is, as you uncover a series of murders and a strange "Y" symbol that is appearing on people's hands. The visuals are colorful yet dark, with a very noire quality about them, and the animations bring the world to life. This is a must try for adventure fans, and you can try it for free before buying.

Spellwood: Word Game Adventure ($1.99)

We end our list today with a brilliant new word game from Three Rings, published by SEGA of America. It essentially takes Scrabble and pulls a Puzzle Quest with it, twisting up the mechanics to make this simple word game feel more like an epic battle of magic. It's like Words with Friends, only with a bit more flavor, and you can also enjoy a single player adventure mode when you're waiting for your friends and family to take their bloody turn already. The cartoon graphics are vibrant and really pop. All in all this is a creative take on an old formula, and fans of word games should give it a look.

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