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Zenonia 5 tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

We've got a big week for Android users, and not just because there's another sequel to Zenonia. This past week saw releases like a great multiplayer sequel to a match three, a spiritual successor to Hyperlight, a new indie puzzle adventure from the studio behind Anomaly Warzone Earth, and the craziest blend of tower defense and real time strategy you'll play this year. Oh, there's a mega huge Marvel Games release too, but it's sort of broken...

Zenonia 5 (Free)

Gamevil's biggest cash cow and easily their best franchise has returned in the fifth incarnation of the KRPG, Zenonia. This time around, the ongoing and somewhat convoluted story ceases to be an issue, as we're jumping years into the future and joining an all new Robin Hood style hero on a quest to stop the corrupt elite and underlying darkness that contorts their souls. All the genre staples return, from the dynamic gameplay and leveling to the online PVP, and they even bring four new classes to the fold, being the Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard, and Paladin. You probably already know if you'll be downloading this one, but it's never a bad time for newcomers to jump in either!

Zookeeper Battle (Free)

Zookeeper DX from Kiteretsu Inc. was a stylistically unique and fast paced match-three game. In fact, it's one of my favorites! Though the genre as a whole isn't nearly as popular as it once was, you can now enjoy this new multiplayer edition of Zookeeper, in which you battle for the best combos against your friends in Power Battle mode. All the bells and whistles are here, like avatar customization and unlockable items to collect, all supporting a tried and true combo of solid game design and adorable and colorful cubist art style. Check it out.

Sleepwalker's Journey ($0.99)

After the smash indie success that was Anomaly: Warzone Earth, 11 Bit Studios seems to have been enjoying their cushy financial net, celebrating by releasing other, smaller titles while they work on the Anomaly sequel. First they brought us the bizarre Funky Smugglers, and now they bring us Sleepwalker’s Journey, a gorgeous new puzzle adventure. Like Lemmings, or the somewhat popular Xbox Live Arcade title Lucidity, your goal is to place and shuffle objects in the environment to protect your constantly sleepwalking character from enemies and hazards. The gameplay is solid, but what should grab you immediately is the very cool and unique art style.

Hyperwave ($0.99)

My favorite game to come from CatfishBlues Games has always been Hyperlight, a unique take on Geometry Wars with way less shooting and more thrusters and speed boosts. Naturally, I was delighted to learn of this spiritual successor in Hyperwave. They take the same general art style, evolve it to something a bit more unique and modern, and then apply it to an old school shooter in the vein of Space Invaders or Galaga. There are still plenty of innovative mechanics to grab your attention, and all in all this is a great follow up to Hyperlight.

Cubemen (Free)

This is a game I played and loved on the PC. It's a crazy genre bending strategy game featuring cube people, from developer 3 Sprockets. It's mainly a tower defense title, but incorporates real time strategy and multiplayer. Cross-platform multiplayer, to be more exact. Real time multiplayer tower defense against actual living opponents, with no static towers, but rather little cubemen that you can move all around the board, ordering them to attack or defend. This game is experimental and a great success. I can't recommend it enough.

Avenger's Initiative ($4.99)

This game would normally be featured much higher on the list, being that it's a high budget clone sanctioned by Marvel featuring the Incredible Hulk, but unfortunately this port is just all around lazy. The game is solid when it works, with fun powers and unlockables and proven combat mechanics, but the game rarely works. It's incompatible with a laundry list of devices and experiences plenty of game-breaking bugs or crashes on the compatible ones. Definitely add this one to your wish lists and keep an eye out for an update to fix it up. You know? This same thing happened with their older Captain America game too. I don't know why, but Marvel seems to hate Android users.

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