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Paper Monsters tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week brings us an awesome lineup of titles from a great group of developers. Topping the list is the charming platformer Paper Monsters from publisher Crescent Moon Games, who are taking their first step into Android gaming. We've also got a zombie real time strategy game in which you play as the shambling undead, a sequel to Falling Fred, a new twin stick shooter from Triniti Interactive, and a Glu Mobile epic scale dragon battling game in the vein of Infinity Blade. Here are this week's top Android games!

Paper Monsters ($0.99)

Paper Monsters is the debut Android title form Crescent Moon Games. They've been wildly successful over on the iOS front, and they are one of my favorite publishers, always putting out unique, solid titles. Developed by Mobot Studios, this is a modern looking platformer with a very retro heart. Clearly inspired by Little Big Planet, though with much simpler gameplay, a similar arts and crafts art style makes up your world, with more papier-mâché and origami. This is an excellent little platformer, with lots of nods to classics games like Super Mario.

Brainsss (Free)

Here is a game I can get behind. It's one of the few games that lets you play on the side of the zombies, growing your horde and consuming all those pesky humans, instead of simply using zombies as easy targets for your gun. This is done with simple real time strategy gameplay from an isometric view. Between the two different game modes, there are a lot of tweaks you can make along with undead heroes and comics you can unlock. The visuals are simple and clean, and the controls can work surprisingly well. Mostly though, I just love the concept of this one, and I'm glad it's as well executed as it is.

Super Falling Fred (Free)

Poor, poor Fred. The sadistic developers over at Dedalord seem to hate this gibbering ginger more than we could ever imagine. We've returned to the formula that initially introduced us to Fred over at Falling Fred, but this sequel cranks the violence and gore up to eleven. New traps, a shiny new art style that matches that of Running Fred, and plenty of new people to hurl down this bottomless pit of pain are but a few of the improvements and additions to be found in this sequel. These games are as hilarious as they are gruesome, and it's easy to recommend anything from Dedalord.

Call of Mini: Double Shot (Free)

Here we have yet another port from Triniti Interactive. Call of Mini: Double Shot is the twin-stick shooter of this bizarre little world full of oddly proportioned people. If you haven't noticed the pattern, Triniti basically created their unique little art style, and then decided to apply it to as many genre's as possible. This shooter puts you and your friends against zombies and each other, with tons of weapons and avatars to unlock across 500 escalating stages. It's a very simple shooter that takes the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to development, and it's definitely worth a look.

Dragon Slayer (Free)

Glu Mobile has re-entered the Infinity Blade style combat game arena, only instead of fighting gladiators in an actual arena, you'll be fighting tons and tons of terrifying dragons. The combat is based more on magic and spell casting then hacking, slashing, or bashing, and needless to say, this game feels a hundred times more epic than Blood & Glory ever did, with large scale, pulse pounding battles. It's much more colorful as well. But of course, this being Glu Mobile, they had to throw a monkey wrench into their own game, making it insanely difficult to progress without in-app purchases. Still, the game is pretty enjoyable.

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