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Arcane Legends tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week brings us a solid line-up of titles. At the head of the pack is the latest MMO from Spacetime Studios, Arcane Legends. It takes a more action-oriented approach than their previous titles, but it’s just as good as the rest. We’ve also got a few solid games from, one being a brawler and the other an adorable runner. Additional releases include  a clever image-based puzzler, a dragon breeding management simulation, and the tie-in game three-pack to movie Wreck-it Ralph.

Arcane Legends (Free)

The MMO masters over at Spacetime Studios just released their latest hit. Arcane Legends takes us back to a fantasy setting, like Pocket Legends, but with more of a hack and slash combat system like Dark Legends. It seems somewhat inspired by Torchlight, the critically acclaimed dungeon crawler. You can choose to play as a brutish warrior, cunning sorcerer, or agile rogue and you also choose between three different pet companions. The visuals are colorful and well done as always, and this is another fantastic game from a perpetually solid studio. A studio which, I might add, is quick to respond to fan complaints and bug reports, so any issues you may have will be cleared up right quick!

Anger of Stick 2 (Free)

Anger of Stick 2 is the latest game from J-Park and It takes us back to the dawn of popular internet flash cartoons, where stick-men acting out complex action sequences were all the rage. It’s a simple side-scrolling beat-em up with simple controls. Button mashing in this game is fun and frantic, and often leads to really cool accidental combos. Various weapons are also at your disposal, and an in-game currency with optional in-app purchases provide you with plenty of options. There isn’t much too the game, but it’s great mindless fun, with plenty of content and modes.

Off the Leash (Free)

Off the Leash is a brilliant tilt-control runner from BigPixel Studios, also published by After dogs are outlawed and a nationwide dog-hunt goes underway, you decide to lead the revolt. As you run from the police, you’ll pick up more and more dogs, food, coins, and power-ups. The common three cycling objective mission system is present here, too. You can only get so far at first, but through in-game upgrades, you build larger mobs of dogs and run longer. The art is bright, vibrant and unique, with a heavy use of bold lines. Also, as with any good game, there are hats. Hats on dogs.

DragonVale (Free)

Backflip Studios seems to do a great job, no matter the  game genre in which they work. They are one of the few developers to make a Farmville style social management sim that I actually enjoy, which is kind of rare. Instead of farming crops, you farm and breed rare, colorful dragons to build your own dragon park. The different kinds of dragons available range from strange to adorable, but they’re all unique. There are plenty of side games and missions to enjoy as well. In terms of management sims, this is one of the best.

Pixel Twist (Free)

Pixel Twist is a very simple, but brilliant puzzle game from BobbleBrook, brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios. The novel concept is that simple, pixilated pictures have been blown up in a three dimensional way, and it’s up to you to rotate the blown up image so that the original 2D image reforms. As you’re doing this a timer counts down. The game can be repetitive, as several images appear again and again, despite the fact that a gallery of all images you’ve completed shows just how many options there are. The game only offers a couple modes, but this free title is definitely worth checking out.

Wreck-it Ralph ($0.99)

Wreck-it Ralph was a brilliant little film, full of nostalgic references and nerdy jokes alongside a fun, original story. It seems like the perfect movie to get a tie-in game, being about games, but how do you make a tie-in game without featuring all the games featured in the movie? By giving us three small games in one! The main game is an adaptation of Ralph’s own game, Fix-it Felix Jr. The other games, based on Sugar Rush and Hero’s Duty, are a simple endless jumper and top-down twin stick shooter, respectively. Still, for one dollar, these three simplistic games make for a nice deal.

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