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Zombiewood tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week hits us with title after title from big-time Android developers, such as Gameloft, Clapfoot, Triniti Interactive, and Glu Mobile. The top game of the week happens to be a Gameloft game, and at first glance, it seems like a trope ridden piece of unoriginality, but looks can be deceiving. We’ve also got a sequel to Contract Killer, a hack and slash, a scrolling shoot’em up, and a reverse tower defense game to enjoy. Here are the top games on Android for this week!

Zombiewood (Free)

Gameloft is full of surprises these days. Here, we have two of the most common and tired tropes in all mobile gaming: zombies and dual stick shooters. Particularly the ones that involve mowing down hordes of zombies. Zombiewood manages to be both clever and original despite itself. As a greedy Hollywood exec with dollar signs for eyes, obviously the only thing to do when confronted with the end of days is exploit it to make great films. Levels are themed after different movies that you’re shooting, and it’s all quite amusing. The cartoon 3D graphics are just a fun bonus!

Contract Killer 2 (Free)

Speaking of people with dollar sign eyeballs, here we have a sequel to the hugely popular Contract Killer series from Glu Mobile. This time around, there’s a lot more to the game than stationary aiming and shooting. At times, you’ll even get to enjoy some stealth gameplay as you reach your mark, before having to escape after taking the shot. All the best items can ONLY be bought with in-app purchase currency as opposed to the kind you can earn, and you can expect many of the freemium tropes, but all in all, it’s a great sequel.

TinyLegends – Crazy Knight (Free)

Triniti Interactive, developers of Call of Mini: Zombies and others, have continued porting games to Android. Their latest release is this fantastic hack-and-slash action game set in your standard fantasy world. You can slash, bash, and crash your way through dozens of adorable little monster enemies that look like folded up paper sculptures. There are tons of weapons and skills to employ, and like their other games, gameplay is repetitive, but very well done and fairly addicting. Definitely worth a look from action game fans, or people who like ridiculously cartoon visuals.

Sector Strike (Free)

Clapfoot Inc., of Tank Hero fame, are branching out into the side-scrolling shoot’em up genre with this latest release. Gameplay is the name of the game, as usual, with not much of a story or set-up. Clearly inspired by old school arcade titles like Gradius, but streamlined and simplified for mobile devices, shooting your way through waves of enemy ships is a blast, both literally and figuratively. Your weapons fire constantly as you move, and there are tons of upgrades to unlock and purchase in-game. It would be way better if the controls were relative to your finger position, instead of putting the ship directly underneath your finger, but all in all, a great title.

Royal Revolt! (Free)

After your father, the King, sends you away to the nearest Hogwarts rip-off to become a battle mage, his kingdom is taken over by a bunch of villainous ruffians. Now it’s up to you to lead your people back into their rightful kingdom in this reverse tower defense game. Another tower offense game, if you will. As you send out units, you’ll use various spells to aid them in battle, upgrading and expanding units and spells as you play. The visuals are colorful, the concept is still fairly unique, and while the game is a little too buggy on some devices, Flaregames has done a fine job with this one.

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