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Pocket Planes tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

We've got a pretty solid line-up this week, with some long-awaited Android ports. Also, every single game is free for once, so consider this "free week." Topping off our list is Pocket Planes, the follow up to everyone's favorite skyscraper management game. We've also got the latest from Kairosoft, who have done something a bit different, plus a brutally violent endless runner, a very child-friendly beat'em up, and a cool aerial combat game from Namco. Here are this week's top Android games.

Pocket Planes (Free)

After an iOS release back in June of this year, we finally get the follow up to Tiny Tower that we've been waiting for on Google Play. Pocket Planes takes that same NimbleBit charm and pixel art style and applies it to a worldwide flight management sim. Decide which planes go where with what cargo, trying to earn a profit so that you can expand your horizons (quite literally) with more airports and planes. If you're truly bored, you can even collect floating money mid flight! This game is every bit as good as Tiny Tower, and still quite original. NimbleBit is the only developer that makes social management sims that I find original and worth playing these days.

Jaws Revenge (Free)

Well this is a fun one. I thought Blood Run was the most violent and bloody endless runner around, but I had forgotten about this year old iOS title. Only related in name to the abominable fourth Jaws movie, this game is not only a violent tie-in to an intellectually property, but it's also dang fun. I mean, it's a Jaws game in which gruesomely devour everything in sight! What's not to love? It plays similarly to Sea Stars, though this game came first, so that statement should probably be reversed. It's this primal kind of reckless, destructive fun that we all enjoy from time to time, and definitely worth a look.

Beastie Bay (Free)

What is with this latest frenzy of Pokemon cloning we've been seeing in mobile gaming? Is it just the latest craze? From Montopia to Monster Warlord, there's always some monster capturing/battling game around. Even Kairosoft has given in to the madness, though at least you know with Kairosoft you'll be getting a quality product. That gorgeous, vibrant pixel art is ever present in this island civilization/monster hunting sim. You're still building a town and expanding it, researching better gear and technology, but you're also venturing out into the wild unknown to explore and to capture and trade the various animals. It's also a Kairosoft game that's free without a 'lite' at the end of the title, so that's odd.

Super Action Hero (Free)

Super Action Hero is the latest from Com2Us, and it is surprisingly creative. It's a very kid friendly beat-em up, with highly cartoony action. What makes it unique is just how customizable everything is. Using stars that you unlock or purchase in-app, you can make your own combo chains while attacking. There is a lot of gear to unlock, in terms of masks and weapons, but you can also just draw your very own mast and weapon, and even upload it or download someone else's work. The visuals are colorful, though familiar, and while gameplay is nothing too special, this game is surprisingly nifty.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory (Free)

And here we have a flight combat game from the house that built Pac-Man, Namco. Set in World War I, this is a surprisingly well done and versatile dog-fighting game, from the days when aerial dogfights were much more personal and way less precise. You can pilot several historically accurate planes through the campaign and custom game dogfight missions, or you can participate in eight man online multiplayer with several different game modes. The 3D graphics are a bit lacking, but still manage to convey a sense of awe through their huge landscapes. Check it out.

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