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Montopia leads Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week brought us a solid variety of games, from casual puzzlers to monolithic super titles from the greediest companies around. Speaking of which, topping the list is Montopia, Zynga's latest freemium spin on Pokemon. We've also got a port of the iOS version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies from Glu Mobile, a Miniclip rail runner, a trippy neon line-tracing game, and a tilt-based maze game from Illusion labs. Here are this week's top Android games.

Montopia (Free)

Zynga's power and confidence has grown out of control as of late. First they make a Sim City clone on Facebook and get sued over it, and now they take on the big guys over at Nintendo with this obvious Pokemon clone. Ok, so they only really rip off Pokemon with the setting and theme, being a game about collecting various elemental monsters. The gameplay itself is much more mundane and what you'd expect from a freemium title. There is no open world to explore and battles are done automatically, with no strategy. Still, as far as freemium games go, this is pretty nifty.

Labyrinth 2 ($4.99)

The excellent developers over at Illusion labs have been slowly porting their library to Android, and while I can't wait to share their future releases with you, this one deserves the spotlight. It's a simple tilt-based puzzle game, cram-packed with content and features. You simply have to tilt the various balls into their holes, but through a wide variety of mechanics, from bumpers to lasers to switches, and somehow it always stays fresh. You can also create, share, download, and rate custom-made community levels thanks to the in-game editor. It's kind of pricy for such a simple game, but totally worthwhile.

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Rail Rush (Free)

Rail Rush is the latest Temple Run style game to join the dozens of others we've seen, though it's a bit more like Agent Dash. It involves runaway mine carts, and everyone knows that runaway mine carts are just awesome by default. It's up to you to hop from rail to rail, switching lanes and picking up gold nuggets as you try to survive, hitting the occasional power-up, of course. Being a Miniclip game, you know it's going to be quality, although this Android version of the game is experiencing some bugs when it comes to controls. Still, it's more than worth a download.

Neon Blitz (Free)

Vivid Games are the developers behind original titles such as Speedball 2 Evolution and GYRO, and while this latest outing isn't quite as original, it's very well done. The idea is to trace all the neon shapes on screen as quickly and as accurately as possible, with the pictures becoming more and more complex. You're given a wide variety of images to trace, and they just get better and better looking, especially with these excellent visuals. There are plenty of other neat features, such as Facebook friend challenging, playing to your own soundtrack, and even weekly updated contests and challenges.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies ($6.99)

Activision has seen fit to let Glu Mobile of all people port their main money making franchise from iOS to Android, and unfortunately the transition wasn't so smooth. This would probably be topping the list if not for the crippling freezing and crashing issues so many are experiencing. The game itself is top-notch. A pale imitation of the console versions, but still fun to play in its own right. The interface is stylish, the controls are solid, and they even brought over the Dead Ops Arcade mode, which is a great fit for the platform. Purchase this one with extreme caution though.