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Take to the high seas with these pirate-themed Android games

by Larry Sullivan

Ever wanted to be a pirate? Do you celebrate “Talk like a Pirate Day?” If you are a fan of anything pirate-related, then these Android games are for you. Pirate-themed games are very popular and there are a lot to choose from. Those listed below provide a nice selection of what is out there, maties!

Pirates 3D Cannon Master (Free)

In Pirates 3D Cannon Master, you command a ship and your job is to destroy the enemy boats. The game is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game so you will be playing with others around the world. Victory is achieved by working with the others players online as each battlefield has its own goal. The three battlefields are Team Death Match, King of the Islands, and Capture the Flag. Each player has their own role and skills in each battle so teamwork is critical. The controls are very simple, you can steer right or left (as your ship is constantly moving) and then fire from each side. There is radar to help find the enemy and your current health.

As you play, you will earn coins which than can be used to purchase additional ships. You may also purchase coins (with real money) in the Galley area. There is a practice area so you can work on your steering and firing skills before joining the real battle. When you are ready to play, you can choose from the list of current battles taking place. It will tell you the type of battle and how many are currently playing. Since this is an MMO, you will have your own profile and list of achievements. The game provides daily and weekly rankings. Overall, the graphics and gameplay are nicely done.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Free)

The Pirates of the Caribbean game is of course based on the very popular movies from Disney. The game starts off with you choosing a name and pirate flag, and then Captain Jack Sparrow taking you through a small tutorial. Your mission in the game is to go from island to island completing quests and destroying other ships. As you master or complete the quests at an island, another island will become available for you to plunder. When completing a quest or destroying enemy ships you earn gold which can be used to purchase items to strengthen your ship. To do a quest it costs energy and crew. When you have no energy or health you will need to wait for it to be replenished.

The game offers “social gameplay.” The more friends you have in your crew, the stronger you will be. You can invite them via Facebook or email. You can send your in-game friends gifts to help them out. You will earn some gems (the in-game currency) as you play, but you can also purchase them with real money. Gems can be used to improve your health, refill your stamina or energy, and hire crew from the game. Overall the game is fun and will provide tons of things to do on a daily basis.

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Pirates and Traders (Free)

This RPG pirate game was recently updated to version 2.0+. I played the older version of the game and the new additions have made it much better. You start off by creating your pirate character. You can pick his nationality, background, three different attributes (physical, intellectual, social), the ship, your flag, and the game’s difficulty settings. There are numerous “saved game” slots so you can easily keep up with your progress. Once your character is created it is time to set sail.

You can choose on the map where you want to go. As you travel you will encounter different ships and how you interact with them is up to you. There is a storyline you can participate in or simply travel the Caribbean and seek your fortune however you want. As you do battle, your character will grow and develop additional skills and reputation. In addition to ships, you can dock in various ports to trade, repair, recruit and so on. There is a ton of detail and gameplay in Pirates and Traders. Check out their Wiki to see more details. There is a paid version of the game that removes ads and adds one background and five additional starting ships to choose from.

Pocket Pirates (Free)

In Pocket Pirates, you are the captain of a pirate ship and your mission is to sail around in search of treasure. As you travel, there are quests that you can fulfill to earn gold. There are also daily quests you can do to earn jewels and energy. Jewels are the in-game currency which you can purchase (with real money) if desired. The game has push notifications so you will know when it is time for the daily quests. Each quest or battle drains your energy and when you are out you will need to wait for it to be replenished or purchase more with jewels.

The game interface is very straightforward. There is the overall world map showing you where the different quests and ports are located, as well as a navigational map which you will use to sail to the different quests. The character area is where you can see your level, energy, jewels, gold and the bonuses you have earned. There is a timer on the screen showing you when your energy will be replenished. The key to the game is building up your character’s level so you can have more energy and power – this is done best by doing the quests and battles daily.

Sink ‘Em All (Free)

Sink ‘Em All is a pretty straightforward pirate game. You command one ship and you sail around destroying the other pirate ships. There are currently four chapters: Pirate School, Runaway of the Caribbean, Cold Cold Mountain, and 127 Degrees. The game shows another chapter yet to be announced. Each chapter offers a number of levels you can play and you can earn up to three stars per level. As the levels get harder, there will be more and more enemies to destroy.

The graphics are nice but I found the print in the game very, very small. Playing on a tablet might be better. You control your ship with the on-screen joystick and simply hit the cannon button to fire. As you destroy ships you can pick up gold and bonus items. Also, as you progress in the game, you will unlock the ability to purchase special weapons. These weapons can only be purchased with real money. There is a paid version of the game which has no ads and provides the player with starter weapons.