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Avoid dysentery and disembowelment as you head west on the Organ Trail

by Andrew Koziara

Who among us in the younger generations can honestly say they don't fondly remember playing The Oregon Trail on the school computers when we were children and such? It was a challenging, educational and mostly memorable gaming experience. Organ Trail: Director's Cut is practically the same game, only zombified, and it’s extremely cool. It was developed by the cleverly-named studio, The Men Who Wear Many Hats.

Instead of heading west to settle down, you're heading west to find a supposed military safe haven from the undead hordes. You bring along your friends or family and head off in an honest-to-god wagon. A station wagon, that is! Instead of hunting animals for food, you'll be scavenging for food and goods while fighting off zombies. In between cities and landmarks, you'll have to deal with weather, large zombie hordes, groups of bandits, and even stampedes of zombified animals.

Once you get to a town, you can buy and sell, trade with people, take on jobs for extra resources, repair your car, rest up, and so on. For some reason, people still accept money as a viable currency, but I suspect it was kept more for game economy balancing than anything. You'll have to keep an eye on your supplies and the local zombie activity closely, and make sure not to do anything reckless. The further west you get, the harder things get, with food, ammo, fuel and car parts becoming more scarce while the hordes seem to get bigger. No doubt one of your group will be infected at some point, and you might just have to put them down.

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This isn't the only Oregon Trail experience on mobile, though there are very few. Gameloft also released two games with the property's name. The first, The Oregon Trail, was more similar to the classic, but ruined things with their mission systems. The second, Oregon Trail: Settler, was received much better, but was more of a FrontierVille clone than anything else.

This zombie filled adventure is the only game to really retain the spirit of the original, with similar design, great retro art, and the like. The splash pages for each town are even full of zombie media references, and I cackled louder than I should have when the first guy you meet gets a certain disease. This game is worth every penny, and I highly recommend it.