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Dungeon Hunter 3 tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

From arena fighting to endless running to unleashing the devastating wrath of God, this week brings us a wide spectrum of game types to tap into. Topping the list is Dungeon Hunter 3 from Gameloft. While it's a departure from the previous Dungeon Hunter games, it's still a lot of fun. We also have an endless runner from BulkyPix, a puzzler from Miniclip, a retro revival from SNK Playmore, and much, much more. Here are this week's top Android games!

Dungeon Hunter 3 (Free)

Dungeon Hunter 3 is the first of Gameloft's action RPG series to make it to Android devices, and it's barely even an RPG! Essentially, they took that simple style of dungeon crawling combat and turned it into a freemium arena game. You choose between four classes, fight waves of enemies, use spells and skill attacks, and save up money for better equipment. This game is kind of a betrayal to fans of the first two, but there is no denying that it is an extremely addictive and cool game on its own. There is even a multiplayer mode now! Unfortunately, the game is riddled with bugs and technical issues, but hopefully they'll be fixed.

Aby Escape (Free)

This is a new Temple Run style auto-runner fromfrom Pixel Ratio Games and BulkyPix, although it truly and honestly doesn't feel like Temple Run. For one thing, there are no turns to make. You simply tilt the device to steer yourself around objects, jumping and sliding when necessary. The physics feel totally different too. Movement is slower, jumps are lower, etc. While you're avoiding random obstacles, you need to collect various shoe pick-ups, and if you don't you'll get too tired and lose. Also, the game is about a bumbling raccoon trying to get away from angry humans, which is awesome. The colorful 3D cartoon art is also worth mentioning. Definitely give this a look.

Babel Rising 3D! (Free)

This is a very cool new arcade title which has you playing as God himself. Those heretical humans are trying to build up the Tower of Babel against your wishes, so it's time to rain some biblical wrath down on those suckers. As workers climb up the spiral tower, you'll throw all the elements at them to try to slow their progress, from earthquakes to floods to meteor storms. The visuals are pretty cool, the concept is neat, and the gameplay is unique. There is also a paid five dollar version, but it seems to have all the same content where it counts, so just download this free version and let your sadistic side out!

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Rat Fishing (Free)

This is a great new puzzler from, and you can always count on them to bring us something interesting. Your goal in this game is the relentless slaughter of hundreds of mice as a lazy housecat who was thrown out for not taking care of business. You get the mischievous critters by luring them to their deaths with the succulent smell of cheese, whether you're guiding them into a pit or onto an explosive, or whatever. It has a very Tom & Jerry feel, for obvious reasons, and while the production values are only decent, the gameplay kept me amused for quite a while.


Legendary game company SNK Playmore has partnered with DotEmu to port its retro library to modern mobile devices. Their first release was the renown Metal Slug 3, and their latest release is this: an excellent side-scrolling shoot-em-up that was originally on the NeoGeo. The classic arcade mode returns, but we also have a brand new mission mode as well as cooperative multiplayer over Bluetooth. This intense shooter is a classic that's been somewhat updated to modern times, though it still has the awesome pixel art and chip tunes. I'd say it definitely holds up today.

Retired Wizard Story (Free)

This is the latest game from WestRiver, makers of Slime vs. Mushroom. It's a totally different game but uses the exact same art style, so maybe these games share one universe or something. In this game, you play as an old retired wizard who has nothing better to do than to keep a bunch of really odd looking sheep out of a farm, or something. You do this by nuking them with various spells of course! As you level up, you'll get new spells, and they'll get more sheep, and before you know it this simple game gets very frantic and fun. It seems like a first person tower defense game really, with you playing as the one and only tower. It will probably push IAP somewhere down the line, but it's still worth playing until then.