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Save the world and have some laughs with retro RPG Dragon Fantasy

by Andrew Koziara

Dragon Fantasy is a new retro RPG from developer Muteki Corporation. More than simply a throwback to old 8- and 16-bit Japanese RPGs, this is a celebration of them, full of referential humor, fourth wall breaking, and tongue-in-cheek jokes about the genre. The title itself is a reference to Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. It also sports some solid RPG gameplay, which makes it that much better. You may not enjoy as much if you don't get the jokes,  but it's still a solid game worth playing regardless of your gaming history.

You start the game as Ogden, an old knight past his prime serving as the bodyguard to the King and his family. Then our first reference comes through the door in the form of two lackeys named Biggs and Wedge. Final Fantasy players will get the reference. They are followed by the evil Dark Knight, who kidnaps the prince and escapes through a portal. It's up to you to save him, of course. The touch-based controls work well despite the lack of virtual buttons, and the battle system is simple and fun. Combat is viewed from a first person perspective, much like Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest, except the enemies are constantly described in hilarious ways and doing odd things.

There are actually multiple chapters that focus on different characters for you to choose from, and even a chapter dedicated entirely to Minecraft. It's just crazy and random like that. I found this game a breath of fresh air on my Android. Korean RPGs like Zenonia and Inotia seem to dominate mobile gaming on Android, while Japanese RPGs like this are less common. You can find plenty on iOS though, with Guardian Saga and a port of Cthulhu Saves the World, so if you have both types of device available and want more games like this, check those out. Everything from the retro visuals, gameplay and humor is top notch, and this game is more than worth the asking price.

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