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Dragon Fantasy tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This was a much slower release week compared to the last few, but it still had some shining titles, mostly tailored to the more casual crowd. Except, of course, for the number one game on our list, Dragon Fantasy, a retro RPG designed for gamers of an older school. We’ve also got a new version of Whale Trail, a post apocalyptic vehicular mutant-slaughter game in Mutant Roadkill, a catapult-based physics puzzler from Gamevil, and an interesting tactical title full of anthropomorphic animals. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Dragon Fantasy ($2.99)

This is a simple retro RPG, themed after the many popular Japanese RPGs of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo era. Developed by Muteki Corporation, this game draws big inspiration from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, using elements and making references to both franchises often, hence the title. This game is all about the humor, and while it’s pretty funny regardless of your gamer history, if you actually get all the jokes and references, it’s ten times better. It has stability issues on various devices, but otherwise this is a great port packed with nostalgia and charm, and I love it. It’s also just a solid RPG either way.

Whale Trail Frenzy (Free)

Whale Trail Frenzy is the new, freemium version of the eccentric endless runner. The first game was great, but it wasn’t quite successful enough for developer Ustwo, so here we are. The game now revolves around the Krill currency. As you earn Krill through play, you can upgrade various aspects of Willow the Whale, buy consumable power-ups, purchase special skins and device wallpapers, and even unlock other playable whales! You are given various missions for Krill bonuses too. While this is a highly monetized version of the game, gameplay is largely untouched and still great fun. My only issue is that the ads can be irritating, and you should be able to buy your way out of seeing them.

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Mutant Roadkill (Free)

Speaking of freemium, it’s been quite a while since a Glu Mobile game graced my weekly list. The latest big game from them is a tilt-controlled post-apocalyptic endless driving game which asks you to slaughter hundreds of brain-melted mutants with your vehicle while getting as far as you can. As you play, you’ll be able to buy stronger cars, improve your various power-ups, and more. The game really grabs your attention with an art style that is clearly imitating popular shooter Borderlands, but all the elements work pretty well together. Your starting vehicle is crazy weak though, and that can be frustrating. Still, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Toy Shot (Free)

This is a fling-controlled physics puzzler from Gamevil, and while it is blatantly inspired by Angry Birds and the million other Crush the Castle clones, it does enough things differently to be worth looking at. The bull’s eye targeting method is rather unique and more reliable than your basic slingshot, if somewhat hard to use. Also, the various ammo types that you use are creative and fun. The fact that you’re in a wonderful toy land destroying castles made out of Lego blocks is just icing on the cake. There are lots of cool power-ups and humorous sound effects, and the game is generally a lot of fun, even if it’s not totally original. Definitely check this out for your weekly physics/puzzler fix.

Mission of Crisis (Free)

This is a rather unique title from GoodTeam. It’s not necessarily a very good game, but it is an interesting one with some cool elements. Essentially, it’s a real-time tactical dungeon crawler in which you command a squad of units against groups of enemies. Also, the whole game is about a war between dogs and cats, with you falling on the canine side of things. The seemingly translated grammar is pretty horrible and the info and reviews over-hype this simple game to a hilarious degree (review bots, anyone?). Despite that, I thought it was interesting and fairly strategic especially since each dog on your team has a very specific skill set. It’s free anyway, so you might as well check it out.