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Catch some fish for a sliced sushi dish with Ninja Fishing

by Andrew Koziara

Ninja Fishing is a great new casual title from Gamenauts with nice colorful art, addictive gameplay, and a mostly good sense of humor. It combines elements from several fun and popular touch and tilt controlled titles and throws them into a blender, and somehow it all works wonderfully. The progression can feel a bit slow, but it’s good fun overall.

As is commonly known, ninjas are generally better at anything and everything than us common folk. Except maybe in the case of Otoro, the fitness-challenged ninja fisherman. In true fat ninja fashion, Otoro is fishing because he’s endlessly hungry for some delicious sushi. While popping off pop culture references above the surface, you’ll be guiding the fishing line as it descents into the watery depths, trying to avoid fish in order to reach the end of your line, where treasure awaits. Once you hit anything or reach the end, you’ll begin reeling your line in, collecting as many fish as you can on the way back.

That’s phase one. In phase two, we enter a Fruit Ninja knock-off mode, slicing the fish up into delicious aquatic appetizers. Each fish you slice is worth money, and like Fruit Ninja, you’ll have to avoid slicing the random bombs that enter the screen. Money is used to buy longer lines, bigger starting weights that let you skip portions of play, stronger katanas for slicing, and much more. Saving up for everything can be a tedious process, but the addictive gameplay makes up for it. Add the OpenFeint achievement and leaderboard network to the mix, and it gets that much more addicting. This is a solid game that is totally free and mostly funny (save for some obnoxious references), and definitely worth a download.

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