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Show your hand with these fun trading card games for Android

by Larry Sullivan

Recently, it was revealed that Rage of Bahamut was one of the top grossing games for Android. Trading card games have been around for quite some time but now are getting popular on Android and other mobile devices. In general, these are turn-based games where the outcome of each turn is based on the cards each player has. These can be fun games, but do a have a learning curve to them.

Fortunes of War FREE (Free)

Fortunes of War is a fun and relatively quick game to learn. You begin your turn with a set of cards that represent power, wealth and ability. The key to winning is to develop a strategy to build up your deck's Victory Points, while trying to lower your opponents. The game has a very well done tutorial and card rules sections. The game comes with three main modes. You can play the conquest mode, where you are following a storyline; a quick match mode against the AI; and finally a multiplayer mode game online. There is also a paid version of Fortunes of War that unlocks more conquest stages and multiplayer options.

Rage of Bahamut (Free)

In Rage of Bahamut you first chose a side: man, god or demon. Once you have done that, then you must go through the tutorial. In the tutorial, you will get one card and the basics on how to play and advance. Overall, the game does provide a lot of explanation about things. In general the game has two main modes: quests and battles. The quest area is where you build up experience and obtain more cards. As you collect cards, you can combine them to create customized and more powerful ones. In the battle mode, you can create custom decks that you will use when you battle other players online. The game encourages you to play with (and against) others online. There is a lot to the game and it will keep you entertained. In addition to earning items via quests and battles, you can purchase cards with in app purchases.

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Shadow Era (Free)

Shadow Era is a beautifully designed and well structured cross-platform game. You can play on your Android device or on the web. The game begins by you choosing and naming a hero card. You can play various battles on the world map or choose to battle other players online. When it is your turn, there is a specific order of what to do. The game will provide some guidance but I found it took some time to understand how it all worked. Within the battle, it’s all about getting and using skills/abilities cards to support and strengthen your fighter cards. You can attack multiple times if you have the appropriate cards on the game board. Once the boss of that battle is killed the battle is over. When you win a battle you are awarded coins/crystals, which can be used to purchase more decks of cards. You will want to get more cards over time, since this is what determines how you perform in the battle. The website contains a forum and support area plus the ability to purchase more crystals.

Cabals: The Card Game (Free)

Cabals is another cross-platform trading card game. You can play on your Android device or online. Another nice feature of the game is you can play offline on your Android without having to log-in or create an account. Here you can try or practice the game without any commitments, but you will not get any experience points. Within the game, you can have an online match, friend match, or single player game. Cabal is also a bit difference in that in uses a game board in addition to the cards. To win you can either conquer your opponent’s stronghold (position on the game board) or collect 60 domination points. The game board and cards are nicely done and easy to read. As with the other games, you can earn more cards via playing or in-app purchase. The website does have a forum and help section if needed.

Legend Cards (Free)

Legend Cards is a new game to Android but has been very popular in Japan. As with the other games you begin by choosing a race: human, machine or monster. The game is very similar to Rage of Bahamut, where you complete quests to level-up and collect more cards. You can battle others online, combine cards to create customized and more powerful ones. You follow a series of quests on the map to collect items. If you play Rage of Bahamut, then you will have a general idea on how to play. I found the tutorial to be too brief and it really did not explain a lot. The developer’s site was also no help. The graphics are nice with the human characters being anime-style women. As with the others, you can purchase more cards and special items within the app.