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Where’s My Perry? tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week is much more casual than other weeks, with not as many hardcore-type games. Topping off our list is puzzle title Where’s my Perry?, the excellent sequel to Where’s My Water? from Creature Feep and Disney. We also have an aesthetically-deceptive arcade game in Lightopus, a blast-filled, blast to play game called Indestructo Tank, the latest from Noodlecake Studios, and even an actual, honest to Square Enix, Final Fantasy game. With that, I say we stop wasting time. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Where’s My Perry? ($0.99)

After the wild success of the charming puzzler, Where’s My Water?, Disney was stumped as to how they could make even more money from the franchise. Oh wait, no. They just had Creature Feep re-skin their popular game’s sequel with one of Disney’s many owned intellectual properties. Snarky joking aside, this Phineas and Ferb (which is an excellent show, despite what anyone says) version of the game is simple excellence. You are now guiding water to pneumatically opened tubes so that Agent-P can get to his secret base, which is officially over 6,000 kilometers underground. New gadget based mechanics, like water to steam converting lasers, make for fresh new puzzles, and it’s all wrapped in a very comedic package. Definitely grab it.

Lightopus (Free)

At first glance, this will probably look to you like one of those easygoing indie titles with a nice atmosphere and very appealing art. You couldn’t be more wrong, as this challenging arcade title from Appxplore is anything but easy going. It’s up to you as the lightopus to save all of your babies, known as ‘bulbies,’ from these dark ocean creatures that invade. A lot of it is randomized, making progress is challenging, and the game is very score-based. Despite the more frantic nature of the game, the atmosphere is indeed nice and relaxing, and the art is just gorgeous. This title isn’t what it first appears to be, but it’s definitely worth a look.

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IndestructoTank (Free)

The all-important question has now been answered by Armor Games: What would you do if you had an absolutely indestructible tank all to yourself? In the game, you use enemy bombs to launch your physical self at enemy helicopters, wreaking swift justice upon them. The concept is neat, there are plenty of secondary modes and unlocks to enjoy, and the production values are high quality all around. Unfortunately, to unlock the full version of the game, you’ll have to pay a fairly heft sum of $4.00, which does seem like a bit much to me. Despite that, definitely check out the free version, and enjoy.

Ready Steady Bang (Free)

This is the latest game in Noodlecake’s ‘Game a Week Project.’ Originally developed by Animade, this is a very simple reflex-testing title with fantastic minimalist art. There aren’t many bells, whistles or features, but for free you can face computer enemies or your own friends in western quick-draw matches. You can only fire after being given the go ahead, otherwise you’ll miss, and multiplayer is even done on the same device. While you’re looking into that novelty, also check out Penguin Airborne, another game from the project that wasn’t good enough to make this list on its own. It’s a fine game overall, but a bit too easy and short, yet with nice art and music. Both games will make for fun temporary diversions.

Final Fantasy III ($15.99)

Not to be confused with the original American Final Fantasy III on Super Nintendo, this is actually the third game in the series, which first made its way to American shores in 2006 with a Nintendo DS Remake. Confusing, I know, but it’s all quite complicated, with titles going by different names in each country. The point is, this is an excellent and fully functional port of that DS title. I have some personal gripes with it, as an avid, lifelong Final Fantasy fan, but it’s still well made and worth playing if you want a good JRPG. Then again, Square Enix seems to price things the same no matter what market they’re in, so it might not be worth a whole sixteen bucks. But at least you know about it now.

Lord of Magic (Free)

This is an interesting castle defense title from Animoca, who occasionally do action type games, like Stellar Escape, but mostly stick to social type management sims, like Pet Café. It’s a fairly novel idea, in which you swipe from a few magic pools of energy to launch magic projectiles at incoming enemies, with a big focus on your aim and firing speed. It’s very skill-based, and easy to miss. Things get pretty crazy later on in the game, but sadly there are several flaws. The UI could use some work, nothing is optimized for tablets despite the big ‘HD’ on the logo, and it seems like there were multiple artists who didn’t even talk to each other as the art is very inconsistent in quality. But hey, it’s free and such, so it ends our list this week.