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Max Payne Mobile tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This was another nicely varied week of releases, with notable titles spanning several demographics of gaming. Topping the list off is Rockstar’s Max Payne Mobile, a top-notch port of the action-packed noire shooter. We also have an action RTS game from Gamevil, a challenging micro platformer from Noodlecake, a Space Invaders-style shooter, a vibrant casual arcade title from Com2Us, and even a modern throwback to old school Tamagotchis. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Max Payne Mobile ($2.99)

Now that Rockstar is in the process of porting their PS2 classics to mobile devices, we gamers have been getting regular blasts of nostalgia, starting with Grand Theft Auto III. This time around, they’ve brought us this third-person neo-noire shooter. Despite some technical issues on certain devices, the port is near flawless. Even the complex console controls have made the transition wonderfully, thanks to many customization options. Some gamers might not like the change, but they couldn’t have been much better, to be sure. Definitely don’t miss out on the action-packed revenge story that successfully brought Matrix bullet time to gaming; especially at that price!

Commander Pixman (Free)

Commander Pixman is another Android port from Noodlecake Studios’ ‘Game a Week Project.’ Originally developed by One Minute Games, it’s an excellent challenge platformer with micro sized levels, somewhat inspired by Super Meat Boy and similar titles. Gameplay is fast and furious, and especially challenging thanks to a rather floaty kind of jump arc using a slightly delayed jetpack boost. It’s like platforming on the moon! The retro visuals resemble old school vector graphics, and are heavily inspired by classic Star Guard. This is definitely a solid download for anyone looking for a challenging way to pass a bit of time.

Plants War (Free)

This is a surprisingly cool new title from Gamevil, purveyors of KRPG’s and the occasional clone. This game is essentially a very simplified take on League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients. You take control of a special hero character and must destroy the enemy base while protecting yours. Each base spits out units and are usually defended by towers, and as you play, you’ll level-up and select special powers to upgrade and unlock. The game has taken on a ‘plants versus beasts in the forest’ theme, and the visuals are all quite cutesy. This is definitely an interesting title to check out.

Chocohero (Free)

Chocohero is the latest and greatest from Com2Us. Looking at the screen shots, you’d probably think it’s another Doodle Jump clone, but you’d be wrong. This isn’t an endless jumper, but rather and endless faller, so to speak. Like the classic Falldown, your goal is to continuously fall, outrunning the top of the screen, which is a raging river of milk in this case. As you fall and avoid the sides, you’ll break through or dodge various cake- and candy-themed platforms while saving your chocolate friends and collecting loads of coins and power-ups along the way, which can all be upgraded. The visuals are vibrant and fun, and the game is fairly addictive.

Tiny Robots (Free)

The Tiny Robots Beta was released in fall of last year, and received a review from us. Now, Runnergames has brought us the finished version of the game. Inspired by Velocispider on iOS, this Space Invaders-style shooter has you blasting enemies from the ground, protecting three power generators from being stolen. You’ll get to use various power-ups and weapon types, although sadly, very many must be purchased with real money in-app. I’m not sure how improved this may be over the Beta version, but both are free. Also, the visuals are completely gorgeous, and worth the download bandwidth alone.

Bit Beast ($1.99)

This is a cool new Tamagotchi style creature caretaking game, and the debut Android title of Cheese and Bacon Games. While there are plenty of options where this kind of game is concerned, this one is pretty well done and has some nice touches. Aside from general care and upkeep, like feeding and bathing, several very cool games can be played with your little creature. You’ll earn points to spend in the store through playing Brick or Rock, Paper, Scissors and even train him by playing Pong. You can then battle other bit beasts, including your friends’ ones thanks to local online multiplayer.

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