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Enjoy some pixelated pandemonium with free Android game Groundskeeper

by Andrew Koziara

Groundskeeper is the latest title from Orange Pixel Games, and it’s part of their Summer Freebie 2012 promotion! The idea is to give us a very simple and free title to enjoy, and it is most definitely simple. There is a distinct lack of bells, whistles and other features, but the gameplay that we do have is shockingly addictive despite not having much to it at all.

You play as the groundskeeper, and when the dead begin rising out of their graves, it’s up to you to stop them with your automatic weapon that you have for some reason. As you kill them, they’ll drop hearts which act as extra lives, and every time you’re hit, you lose a life. There is no grace period of invincibility between hits. If you don’t turn around and kill a zombie that’s chomping on your shoulder, you’ll go down in nanoseconds. Different kinds of enemies will eventually spawn, some of which must be jumped over. You’ll also have to deal with stone blocks which block both you and enemies. After you die, you can tweet your high score. That’s just about it.

The extremely blocky retro pixel graphics are well done enough, and the chip tunes background track is catchy and fun. It really reminds me of Super Crate Box on the PC and iOS, with fast and furious shooting and enemy avoiding with old-school sensibilities. There is honestly just not very much to say about this game. It doesn’t offer much complexity or variety, but it’s still quite fun and addicting, and it’s still totally free. Definitely check it out if you’re partial to retro aesthetics, or to other Orange Pixel games, like Meganoid or Stardash.

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