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N.O.V.A 3 leads Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

We get to cover a very wide spectrum of mobile gaming with this week’s releases. Our selections range from the most simple and elegant arcade and puzzle games to one of the most high-tech, high-profile, and high-octane shooter around right now. I am of course referring to N.O.V.A. 3 from Gameloft, the latest entry in the excellent sci-fi shooter series. We also got new stuff from, a tilt controlled law breaking endless runner, a simple as can be arcade title, and one of the most novel and elegant puzzlers around today. Here are this week’s top Android games!

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance ($6.99)

The latest and greatest in Gameloft’s series of Halo-like first-person shooter series has landed on Android at last. It brings with it the longest single player campaign to date, fully featured yet very rough around the edges. The multiplayer game also features some of the best console-level graphics ever seen on a touchscreen device. There are a few changes that will be embraced by some and rejected by others, such as the new in-game weapon and armor ability store, but this is a must buy for anyone who enjoys shooting aliens on their touch screens. Although, as usual, the Android release is much buggier and less stable than the iOS release.

Siege Hero (Free)

This is the latest physics puzzler, and it’s rather interesting, yet very familiar. To be blunt, this is first person Angry Birds. No, really. Your goal is to simply tap and launch catapult rocks at various familiarly placed structures, bringing everything down on the enemy soldiers randomly sitting inside. Instead of a cartoon animal theme, you’ll actually move through different time periods, unlocking new features as you go. It’s amazing how often a simple shift in perspective can make a familiar idea seem fresh and innovative again! This is definitely worth trying out for Miniclip and physics puzzler fans.

Continuity 2 ($0.99)

This is the latest Android published game from Noodlecake Studios, as part of the company’s “Game a Week Project.” This time around, they’ve brought us Continuity 2, an absolutely brilliant puzzle platformer originally developed by Ragtime Games. It’s essentially a tile sliding puzzle game mixed with a simple touch screen platformer. All you have to do is switch between the two modes, sliding tiles around to match pathways and then moving through them to progress. Rinse and repeat. What starts out as a very simple and easy idea quickly transmogrifies into an extremely challenging and satisfying puzzler, all wrapped in an extremely elegant package. There is also a Lite version if you still aren’t sold for whatever reason.

Busted! (Free)

Tons of games have had you running from the police since Grand Theft Auto hit the gaming scene. Busted! is a simple mobile evolution of that idea from Mentalwarp Games. Set in the future, where highways are unbelievably long metal tubes, it’s up to you to get as far as you can in this endless auto runner. Collecting orbs and hitting speed boosts is good, and hitting just about everything else is bad. From time to time, a cop will randomly be waiting for you, and the chase is on. If you slow down too much during this period specifically, you get busted. It’s a simple and well executed concept with cool 3-D visuals that’s worth checking out!

Shoot the Zombirds (Free)

Shoot the Zombirds is the most notable new title from Infinite Dreams, creators of the simple Can Knockdown series, the action packed Sky Force series, and the strange and surreal Jelly Defense. It’s essentially a re-skinned and upgraded version of Shoot the Birds, but in this case the re-skin just makes complete sense and totally enhances the game. It’s up to you to protect the children of the pumpkin patch from brain-hungry birds using a simple crossbow. The gameplay should feel intuitive to anyone who’s ever launched a bird at a pig, and there are tons of upgrades and objectives to complete while you’re at it.

Gyro (Free)

This is an extremely simple and elegant arcade title from Submachine Factory. You have a spinning disc that is divided into three differently-colored sections. Soon, random orbs of those same colors will head your way, and you simply have to spin the disc to ensure the colors match on impact. It starts out quite simple, but as things get faster and more hectic, and as special power-up orbs are introduced, it becomes anything but. After a while you’ll even earn Pro Mode, so you can skip that easy part and get right to the crazy. Swarm achievements and leaderboards are supported, and this simple and free time killer is definitely worth a download.

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