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Zombie Ace tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

We’ve definitely had another solid week of Android releases. Topping us off is Zombie Ace, a creative and humorous new auto-runner from Hothead Games. Next is a unique new title from Alphacloud Inc. called Castle Master 3D. We’ve also got the latest and greatest from, a simple, free title from OrangePixel, as well as even more ports from games2be and the absolutely excellent Noodlecake Studios. Definitely don’t skip this one! Here are this week’s top Android games.

Zombie Ace (Free)

Our list is technically topped yet again by Hothead Games, although this time we’re dealing with a creation of their own original design instead of a port with which they helped. This is an excellent endless runner, much like the classic Helicopter Flash game or Jetpack Joyride, in which you fly throughout America as a zombie infested plane. Avoiding hazards and throwing your zombies at enemy attack planes only to recollect them again will be your main focus. The idea is to continuously land in each city until they’re totally infected. As you earn money and such, you’ll buy plane upgrades, and it’s all a swell time. I love zombie games that are actually creative and interesting, and definitely recommend this one.

Castle Master 3D (Free)

This is the debut app of Alphacloud Inc. It’s like a crazy mix between a strategy defense game and an RPG. Your goal is to lay siege to enemy castles one by one, spreading your influence and power over the map. Battles actually feel large and epic as you fight alongside dozens and eventually hundreds of your own troops. Your character will level-up and get new skills and equipment as you fight. Back on the main map, you’ll have to manage the economy and politics of each city you take, and it’s possible to lose older castles. With tons of things to manage, train, and upgrade, and a very simple battle system accompanied by cute 3-D art and epic music, this is definitely one to check out.

Extreme Skater (Free)

This is the latest and greatest from Miniclip.Com, of Gravity Guy and Hambo fame. It’s essentially an updated version of iStunt 2, but with skating instead of snowboarding. It nails that sense of simple fun as you make big jumps and grind on rails in interesting, gravity defying ways. It’s not quite as well optimized as iStunt, but it’s still a lot of fun with top notch art and music. What you’re downloading is only a sample of the game, and you’ll eventually have to pay in-app to unlock the rest, but this is just as creative and fun as any other Miniclip title.

Groundskeeper (Free)

This is the latest title from OrangePixel, of Meganoid and Stardash fame. Like those games, the idea is to create a simple and fun experience with retro pixel graphics and a great chip tune soundtrack. This title is extremely simplistic, and there is really not much to it, lacking even basic menus, but it’s still free and it’s still a great way to kill some time when you’re on break. All you do is shoot the endlessly-spawning zombies, skeletons and spirits as they rise up in a graveyard. Your goal is to survive as long as you can, with a score-tweeting bragging rights feature. The longer you live, the crazier things get.

Tiki Lavalanche (Free)

This is yet another port of an iOS title from Noodlecake Studios. Like Lunar Racer and Trainyard from weeks before, this title gets on this list for being simple, high quality, and fun. Your job is to burn away all the wooden planks on a level so that only the golden offering to the angry volcano god remains. As you do this, everything is perilously hanging over a pit of lava, and if you let too much gold fall in, you anger the god and lose. It doesn’t take long at all for different kinds of boards to be introduced, including bouncy moss covered boards and magic boards. This one definitely gets my recommendation.

Plopp ($0.99)

Since games2be recently ported their library to Android, including last week’s Spoing, I figured I’d share just one more of their titles with you. This one is a very strange and abstract puzzle game, involving expanding bubbles that you need to pop. When you pop them, shockwaves will be sent out, which will pop all the surrounding enemy bubbles. If you let enemy bubbles get too big or allow them to devour your own bubbles, you lose a life. Your job is to last as long as you can. It’s definitely an interesting title to say the least, and there are plenty of extra modes on offer, including a time trial, if you get bored.

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