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Machinarium tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This is quite the doozy of a week. Three extremely notable titles have been released. At the top of that list is the incredibly charming and unique point-and-click adventure, Machinarium. Next up is the official Android port of Swords and Soldiers, which popularized side scrolling, lane-based RTS games. The mega popular Cartoon Wars gets an official sequel, Noodlecake Studios continues porting their excellent library of games, plus some other stuff too. Here are this week’s top Android games!

Machinarium ($4.99)

Yes! The brilliant developers over at Amanita Design have partnered with Hothead Games (Purveyors of fine titles, such as Sea Stars and others) to bring their multiple award-winning point-and-click adventure game to Android. It’s only available for high resolution phones or tablets, but if you’ve got a device that can run it, you should already be downloading it. The art style, clever puzzles and wordless dialogue have a level of originality and charm that is hard to beat. Everything is very well detailed with a unique art style that looks hand drawn, and the music is pretty awesome too. There is not much more to say than that, my friends.

Swords and Soldiers ($0.99)

Swords and Soldiers is an excellent strategy title, originally from Romino Games, but ported to mobile devices by Two Tribes. I’m not sure if it was the first game of its kind, but it definitely popularized the lane-based, side-scrolling real-time strategy genre, emulated in such games as Arel Wars. Still, it’s hard to beat the original. You get to play as three hilarious groups: Vikings, Aztecs and the Imperial Chinese, and humor is definitely the order of the day. There is a lot of content to play through and a fully customizable skirmish mode. If you are not yet sold, there is a free demo version to check out as well.

Cartoon Wars 2 (Free)

It’s been quite a while since Android devices were graced by the mega popular Cartoon Wars. Even before that, Android users were enjoying Cartoon Wars: Gunner+. Now, they finally get a sequel, and it combines elements from both, with the subtitle of “Heroes.” The same awesome castle defense gameplay returns with lots of new units and upgrades, but now you’ll also be able to develop six different hero characters, even taking them into special missions in Hero Mode. With tons of customization and three different game modes, it’s quite easy to recommend this sequel, especially to fans of this game series.

Trainyard ($0.99)

Noodlecake Studios is at it again. Last week we had Lunar Racer, and this week we have a port of Trainyard, a top notch puzzle game. Your only goal is to draw tracks around the environment to guide differently-colored trains to their correspondingly colored stations. There is no time limit or score involved, and at first it’s super easy, but this is naught but a clever ruse. The game is quite challenging, and the difficulty increases quite a bit before the end, eventually introducing timed elements in which you merge and split trains according to color theory. This gets a definite recommendation for puzzle fanatics.

Men in Black 3 (Free)

I’m generally opposed to the constant stream of freemium social games that continuously flood Google Play, but for some reason, this one makes sense to me. I think the concept of owning and running your own branch of MIB is awesome. This game will let you train agents, research new technology and weapons, and even send you out to fight aliens in different parts of New York. I don’t know if my nostalgia for the series is completely carrying me here, but for some reason, this game just makes sense to me over a cookie-cutter action title. If you’re into these kinds of games and you have enjoyed Men in Black at some point in your life, then your choice is obvious.

Spoing ($0.99)

The developers at games2be recently ported every single one of their iOS titles to Android, and Spoing is probably the most notable one. It’s a physics-based platform puzzler that involves flinging your character around the 50 different cavernous levels, collecting all of his lost diamonds, and avoiding all the ugly monsters. It’s a very unique and quirky game with intuitive controls and a great art style, and it’s pretty darn good. t’s a creative title, but also a very simple one that physics puzzle aficionados will surely enjoy. You could always check out the lite version, of course.

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