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Lunar Racer tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week saw several unique titles unlike most of the ones that get released week in and week out. At the top of said list is Lunar Racer, a very simple and fun tilt racing game that takes place on many moons. We also have a very challenging demonic defense game, a solid tower defense/RPG hybrid, a first person spell-casting RPG, and an absolutely bizarre and quirky platformer starring a zombie. All of that and more below! Here are this week's top Android games.

Lunar Racer (Free)

Lunar Racer is a very simple and easy-to-play game from Noodlecake Studios with a unique concept. It involves racing around the various moons of our solar system. Touching the right side of the screen gives you a boost, while touching the left side brings you down to the ground as you're soaring off jumps in this low gravity environment. Tilting your device lets you do front and back-flips. As you race, you'll collect weapons, shields and lots of Moon Bux, which you can take to the garage to upgrade and recolor your vehicles. The vibrant and colorful art is very appealing, and this game is unlike most you've played, I assure you.

ACME Planetary Defense (Free)

This is another simple and easy-to-play game which also involves travelling a full 360 degrees around various celestial bodies, except it's from Taptoon Games. This time around, you'll be launching missiles, lasers, flak and various other weapons at asteroids, amorphous space blobs and alien ships in the defense of said celestial bodies. Each time you play, you'll have access to loads of upgrades and extra defenses, too. The visuals are also vibrant and colorful and appealing, and the game is pretty solid. There are several lacking design choices and balancing issues, but this is a decent high score game with which to kill some time. There is a paid HD version as well, if your wallet feels a dollar too heavy.

No Demons Allowed: Defense (Free)

No Demon Allowed: Defense is straightforward, but by no means an easy game. You are set up in a massive tower in the center of a level, and you must switch between and adjust the aim of three independently-firing turrets with different uses, all against an onslaught of demonic hell spawn. You also have three spells available for the more hairy situations. Money earned through play can be spent on various upgrades as well.  It can be very chaotic and hard to follow, but it's also a lot of fun; definitely a good choice if you're looking for more of a challenge. This app is from Bulletlike, the same people who brought us Burn the City, which was also very solid.

Fantasy Defense (Free)

What weekly Android games list would be complete without a good old-fashioned tower defense game? This one gives you various heroes instead of towers, which can each be upgraded and even raised to a higher class of hero with tons of new benefits. You'll also get to summon special hero classes with their own unique special attacks and equipment. There is a very deep and comprehensive upgrading system for every unit, giving the game some rich RPG elements. The simple art is very colorful, making use of a lot of Anime-styled assets. This is one of the better TD games I've played in recent weeks, and while it looks like every other tower defense game, I felt the mechanics were very well balanced with a nice, gradual difficulty climb. I recommend it.

Spell Slingers (Free)

This is a unique title from the cleverly named Oscar Mike Games (OMG Games). In it, you cast spells at enemies from a fixed position and a first-person perspective, and you tilt your device to aim around. You even get to fight against real live players, and there is a robust character customization screen, granted that you have enough in-game money to afford all the customizations. The visuals are an interesting mix between 2-D and 3-D, and this definitely doesn’t look like any other game I've played. Unfortunately, it has some serious functionality issues: the tilt aiming is very difficult to use and takes some serious getting used to. Still, it's interesting enough to at least give a look.

Zombro (Free)

Another unique title, this time from developer's Making Fun. It's essentially a puzzle platformer in which you play as an actual zombie with the ability to separate limbs from himself, essentially splitting his top and bottom half so that the bottom can jump around. You do all this to collect gas cans so that you can continue on a cross-country zombie road-trip. The mechanics are quite original, and while the controls aren't perfect, the game is quite fun. The aesthetics are also unique, with black silhouettes against singularly-colored backgrounds. It has a very different sense of style from most games, and a great sense of humor.

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