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Jazz: Trump’s Journey tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week brought with it a slew of interesting new releases. Chief among them is the Android port of Jazz: Trump’s Journey, a brilliant and artistic platformer with some clever mechanics. Next up is Towers N’ Trolls, a new, high quality tower defense game that doesn’t do much to stand out, but is excellent nonetheless. Next is the absolutely insane and hard to classify Time Duck, which is definitely worth a look. All of that, plus a few more, can be found below. Here are this week’s top Android games!

Jazz: Trump’s Journey (Free)

This is an absolutely brilliant new platformer from Bulkypix. Loosely based on the life of Louis Armstrong and set in the Roaring Twenties, you play as Trump the trumpeter as he gets a band together and falls in love. The art style is unique and really stands out, and the game has a fantastic jazzy soundtrack. The platforming gameplay itself is very creative and fun, borrowing a few elements from the indie hit Braid including some time manipulation in the form of a magic trumpet. All of the elements of this game come together in just the right way, and I can’t recommend it enough if you like clever platformers. I should note that this is a free sample of two levels, and you’ll have to pay one dollar in-app for a full unlock.

Towers N’ Trolls (Free)

This is an excellent new tower defense title from Ember Entertainment. It was released in February on iOS and has now been ported to the Android. It doesn’t do all that much to innovate, but it’s a polished game with top notch production values all set in a swords and sorcery kind of fantasy setting. Summon towers to kill trolls, goblins and monsters, get coins, and build more towers, repeat. Playing well will net you special gems that are required to unlock the extra modes and features, which has the potential to push in-app purchases if abused, but as a free download this should satisfy any tower defense fans.

Time Ducks (Free)

Time Ducks is a completely bizarre and surreal new game from Tough Guy Studios, in which you help animals cross the street to their various homes. It employs odd music and strange, abstract retro pixel art with a simple concept and a big sense of humor to create a game that’s literally unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Everything from the tutorial to the achievements to the gameplay itself is funny in multiple ways. That said, the gameplay itself can definitely wear thin and feel repetitive after a while, but everything else is just so novel and interesting, I give it a full recommendation. It is free, after all.

Lil’ Kingdom (Free)

This is the latest freemium title from freemium king Glu Mobile. At first glance it looks like nothing but another clone of Tiny Tower, but with magic, dragons, knights and wizards as a theme. To be honest, it pretty much is, but it does add some genuinely cool new elements to the formula to mix things up. The visuals and other production values definitely make it stand out, and it definitely does a bit more to innovate than say, Zynga and their clone Dream Heights. Rather than build a tower up, you’re digging a dungeon down, moving in new citizens, and playing with cute dragons. It’s definitely worth a look.

Destiny Defense:Angel or Devil (Free)

This is another simple castle defense game, like Cartoon Wars and all the rest, but with a heaven versus hell, angels versus devils theme. The pixel art style is beautiful and the music can be pretty epic. The gameplay itself is fairly well polished. You take direct control over an angel that oversees the battle, and while she can’t fight off troops, she can cast helpful spells and help out. There is a comprehensive upgrade system using special gems, but the game’s difficulty pushes in-app purchases later down the line. If you’re hankering for a new castle defense, this should be the fix you need.

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