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Pix’n Love Rush tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week saw some really old school iOS releases get ported to the Android, and some other good stuff. The beloved arcade platformer Pix’n Love Rush finally gets an Android release, and it’s just as trippy and awesome as ever. Likewise, the classic ZombieSmash from Zynga gets a port, and it’s a smashing good time. Also, Com2Us released a clone of an Android classic, and two underground indie titles with cool ideas saw a release, though they could use some work. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Pix’n Love Rush ($1.99)

Finally, after nearly two full years, the majesty and awesomeness that is Pix’n Love Rush has finally made it to Android devices. This BulkyPix published title is the essence of simple and fun. Gameplay involves running, jumping and shooting upwards, but it’s so much cooler than I just made it sound. Most modes consist of several seamless bite-sized levels back to back. As you kill enemies and pick up coins, you’ll rack up a combo meter, and the higher it goes, the crazier the trippy and psychedelic pixel art becomes. With tons of different game modes to choose from and a great sense of humor, this game should be on your phone or tablet ASAP.

ZombieSmash ($0.99)

ZombieSmash is a fun little title from Zynga. It’s actually one of their very few games that isn’t essentially a Facebook-style social game. The game is two years-old, and it’s also finally hit Android. It’s up to you, as some god-like figure, to protect the inhabitants of a lonely country cottage from the ravenous undead hordes by tapping and flicking them around to crush and throw them about. Special weapons will occasionally be made available for hairy situations, and they’re pretty awesome. Zombies will also release collectible stars upon their death, which you can use to buy upgrades in the shop. Basically, this game is just awesome, so grab it.

Oven Break (Free)

Oven Break is the latest title from Com2Us, and it is a shameless clone of the popular title, iRunner. This game changes the premise up, having you play as a fearful gingerbread man trying to escape his fated trip to the oven. It’s up to you to collect a constant stream of collectibles as you jump, slide, swing, and even jump-slide your way to the end of a level. Special gummies that you collect are worth big points and act as a currency, which you’ll use to unlock the games various different game modes. It may be a clone, but it’s definitely well made, with smooth gameplay and crisp, colorful art.

Tanks for the Memories ($0.99)

This is a rather interesting new title from Minicore Studios. It involves going through different psychiatric patients’ subconscious minds using a tank driving simulation to blast away all of their various phobias, whether they’re pyrophobes, arachnaphobes, or have a crippling fear of clowns. The controls take some getting used to, and gameplay is rather slow, but I found it rather fun to carefully maneuver around enemies while scanning for mines and collectibles. The premise is very interesting, and while the game is definitely flawed in several ways, I found it novel enough to throw onto this list, ‘cause why not? You could always try out the free version first, of course.

Gate Defenders ($0.99)

Gate Defenders is a new tower defense from Kayumo. It has some neat ideas, a nice sense of humor, and cool retro pixel art, but this is another one of those titles that really needs some work. It has decent tower defense gameplay, with several different classes of characters in place of basic towers, such as knights and alchemists. Each can of course be upgraded, and while I won’t say the game has any real RPG elements, it definitely feels like it at times. Unfortunately, the game is very buggy at the moment, with unresponsive controls. It also chugs along rather slowly and has some frame-rate issues despite being so simple. I include it on this list because I *hope* that the developers can fix it and make it a worthwhile title, as it definitely has some potential. In the meantime, check out the free demo version before you do anything else.

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