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Android App Video Review: Tower Defense: Lost Earth

by Andrew Koziara

Tower Defense: Lost Earth is Com2Us’ official foray into the tower defense genre. It doesn’t do too much to really innovate on the genre, but it’s highly polished and really well done, with solid art, gameplay, level design, and sound. And yes, Com2Us has literally trademarked the term “tower defense” just like that. I’m surprised it took so long for such a thing to happen. Either way, it’s a solid title that made the transition to Android devices fairly well.

The simple set up is that the Earth’s resources have been depleted, and you’re part of a fleet seeking out a new Class-M planet for humanity to inhabit. Unfortunately, the monstrous natives of the planet are none too pleased with your presence. There’s a good variety of towers and enemies and a surprising amount of strategy involved. Too often the enemies in these games exist with few differences and mostly provide visual variety, but here there was a good amount of thought put into it, and there’s always a best strategy for each level.

The campaign consists of many linear and straightforward missions, and the tower defense gameplay is of the closed off ‘circuit’ variety rather than the ‘open field’ variety you’ll find in Robo Defense or Fieldrunners HD. Each mission has several medals to achieve for playing on different difficulties, using special weapons, etc. The Android port of this game is actually free, and brings with it the diamond currency system, which allows you to buy temporary stat boosts for a single mission, affecting things like life count and tower attack power. This definitely makes the game feel like it’s a bit more greedy and pushy, but the difficulty of the game is pretty much the same, and you can definitely do well without the boosts if you know what you’re doing.

I love this title's production value. The visuals are crisp and colorful and the music and sound design is top notch. The still images used in the story scenes are gorgeous as well. After you finish the campaign, you’ll be able to jump into unlockable challenges and special missions as well, and there’s a lot to do for completionists. This is a great new release for tower defense fans, especially considering that it’s free, and I recommend you give it a download and see what’s up.

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