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Hambo leads Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week saw a couple of solid releases and a nice variety of game types for us to enjoy. First off, popular Flash game site released its latest physics-based puzzle title, and it’s pretty ham-tastic. Then Kairosoft takes us back to school with their latest colorful and pixelated simulation title, and it’s quite educational. We’ve also got platforming cheese men, turn-based ninja clan battles, and a great new FPS title for hunting enthusiasts from Glu Mobile. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Hambo (Free)

Hambo is the latest mobile release from, and it takes many cues from the popular Fragger. The goal in Hambo is specifically to shoot the enemy pigs with your gun. While grenades and other weapons are present, and they function very similarly to Fragger, you can only win with your gun. Everything else exists to help you solve puzzles and line up shots. The game has great, colorful art, a fantastic sense of humor, and some pretty decent puzzles. This is like an evolution of Fragger, and any fans of that game or similar physics-based puzzlers should definitely download it. This is just a free sample however, and the full version will have to be unlocked with a one dollar in-app purchase.

Pocket Academy ($4.99)

This is the latest casual simulation title from Kairosoft to hit the Android, and it’s yet another release lacking the word “story” in its title. This time around we’re going back to school. You’ll get to manage and customize everything from students, classrooms, and teachers to extracurricular activities and clubs, and you can even try to guide each student’s ambitions, hopefully getting them all into college. It has the same great charming pixel art as other games from the developer, and its right up there with Game Dev Story and others in terms of fun and quality. Simulation fans should definitely give this one a look.

CheeseMan (Free)

This is the debut Android title of Alphanoize Games. It’s a fast paced platformer with short and brutal levels, and it’s very clearly an emulation of Super Meat Boy. The developers aren’t shy about that fact or anything, Super Meat Boy and his arch rival Dr. Fetus actually make cameos in the game. While it definitely has some ambitious aims in comparing itself to such a great title, it’s really quite solid and pretty well done. There are some definite issues that need addressing, such as the occasionally unresponsive controls among other random bugs, but I’d definitely recommend it to platforming fans.

Ninja Saga (Free)

Ninja Saga is a freemium social RPG from developer Emagist. It lets you play as a group of Ninja in a clan currently at war with some other clans. There is quite a lot of customization available as you choose and add extra ninjas to your party, from power focuses and abilities to equipment, and more. The battles are fairly straightforward and the ninja theme is used fairly well, even if the game was obviously inspired by the anime Naruto to some degree. It does push IAP a bit, but it’s still fun and worth playing if you want a simple and streamlined RPG to enjoy.

Deer Hunter: Reloaded (Free)

This is the latest title in the long running hunting simulation series from Glu Mobile. This is definitely an improvement on their past titles, such as Deer Hunter 3D, where the gameplay was far buggier and the game was even unplayable on certain devices. It’s a lot like the Contract Killer games in terms of the first person shooting mechanics, only you’re shooting innocent animals instead of marked targets or zombies. It’s a solid title with some cool features, such as the new X-ray mode, but it gets very difficult in an attempt to push the in-app purchase currency on you. Still, if you’re interested in such a title, this is probably the one for you.

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