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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 24: Conquer 3 Kingdoms, Panic Flight, Deer Hunter Reloaded

by Ian Black

It’s another dose of wall-to-wall games in today’s fresh Android app list. We didn’t think you’d mind. For a battle royal, try Conquer 3 Kingdoms. To fly the somewhat friendly skies, take a Panic Flight. And go carnivore with Deer Hunter Reloaded.

Conquer 3 Kingdoms (Free)

Find your warrior destiny in this battle-ready role-playing game. Winning fights unlocks new roles and choices and lets you customize your soldier with clothing, weapons and accessories.

Based on the same game engine as the award-winning app King Pirate, expect frenzied mano-a-mano duels, wild combo action and great details. The developers promise that the rich storyline will keep you glued to the game between brawls.

It’s free, so there are no obstacles stopping you from finding out what all the rave reviews are about.

Panic Flight (Free)

You’ve heard of fight or flight response? This is the flight part.

Pick your airplane from a number of different models then customize it with colors and accessories (this might be where an in-app purchase will bring you extra bling). Choose your destination from a set of world class cities and then let the air catch your wings and fly!

You’ll pass through beautifully-drawn cartoon skies filled with sunlight and picturesque clouds but it’s not all a flight of fancy. Serious threats challenge your flight plan, including skulls, magnets and thunder storms. Stay aloft as long as you can to score high, snatch power-ups and win.

Deer Hunter Reloaded (Free)

What’s it like to hunt big game? This new release of the popular virtual hunting app claims to provide the most realistic experience you’ll ever find on an Android device.

Stalk and slay deer, bison, bear and other critters in a variety of backwoods landscapes. Track and shot from great distances and watch the “bullet time” path from your rifle to the animal. Stampede mode lets you bag more game faster and a brand new X-ray feature allows you to zero-in on specific organs.

Customize your hunter with gear and clothing and compete for trophies for your virtual trophy room.

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