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Radiant Defense tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

We had some solid releases this week, including one rather unexpected development from a certain massive developer. A new, neon colored game of awesome was released by Hexage in Radiant Defense, their first tower defense title. Gameloft went ahead and released their first physics puzzler with cute animals… and it’s actually really good and original? Huh? A popular website got its own app released by EA, Gamevil launched an extremely buggy new action RPG, and more. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Radiant Defense (Free)

This is the latest and greatest from Hexage, who are admittedly one of my favorite developers. They always churn out simple yet addictive titles that are almost always wrapped up in their patented neon colored art style. This latest offering is a simple tower defense which seems to actually continue the story of Radiant HD, their scrolling shooter. The gameplay is solid, the writing is hilarious, and this is all around a great game. Reports and reviews indicate that the game is deliberately difficult to push in-app purchases, but others counter that claim. I have run into no difficulty wall yet myself, but we’ll just have to see what’s what when we get around to a full review.

Shark Dash ($0.99)

Gameloft has finally turned away from console clones and released their very own physics puzzler. Bounce and fling sharks around obstacle course like pools and help them eat all the smaller fish. Despite being built around some familiar feeling mechanics, namely the flinging mechanics that feel much like Saving Yello, it’s actually very creative and well done. There is a surprising amount of innovation and originality at play here. This title proves that, when given the opportunity, the development team at Gameloft can make creative and fresh titles with real soul. They should let that creativity loose more often.

Pogo Games (Free)

Pogo Games is the official app of the Flash game site,, which features loads of mega popular titles from Bejeweled to Plants vs. Zombies. This app from Electronic Arts brings four fun titles to your Android device; one match-three puzzler, a word game, a turbo version of Blackjack, and a simple balloon popping puzzler. If you create or log into your Pogo account, you’ll also receive access to World Class Solitaire and have access to the leaderboards and other member features. You can also pay one dollar to get rid of the ads. It won’t replace the actual website with such a limited selection, but the app is free, fun and mobile!

Strike Knight (Free)

This is the latest title from Backflip Studios, another favorite developer of mine. It’s a cool alternate version of basic bowling that is pretty fun. You’re playing on a table, and sliding a puck rather than throwing a ball. The amount of points your spares and strikes are worth is based around a timing mechanic, and you get no points if any pins are missed after two shots. Otherwise, this is just like normal bowling, with ten frames and everything. There are some in-game achievements to go for as well as a pass-and-play mode. There aren’t many bells and whistles, but I’d say the app is definitely worth a try.

Immortal Dusk (Free)

This is the latest action RPG from Gamevil. I hate to compare so many of their games to it, but this honestly feels like a more fast paced and streamlined version of Zenonia. The upgrades and levels come faster, movement and attacks are quicker, and everything just has a speedier pace. The bosses are fairly brutal though, and the app does seem to push some IAP in your face. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of you readers won’t be able to try this one, as people are having start up issues on tons of different devices. Luckily it worked on my ancient Nexus One of all things. Otherwise, the game has nice music, pretty pixel art, and fast paced gameplay. I’ll recommend it to anyone who can actually get the thing working.

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