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Tower Defense: Lost Earth is competent, if nothing new

by Michael Ian

It seems like mobile gamers will never have to fear any shortage of tower defense games. The genre has flooded various app stores and markets that many argue it's reached the level of oversaturation. Go ahead, search for ‘tower defense’ and watch as the list quickly populates. Developer Com2uS has joined the party with their latest release, Tower Defense: Lost Earth. With already numerous games tied to the genre, does Tower Defense: Lost Earth have enough compelling features to separate it from the rest?

If you’re unfamiliar with addictive tower defense games, don’t fret, the formula is quite simple. You’ll be tasked with building defensive structures along an enemy’s predestined path to prevent them from reaching the other side. Tower Defense: Lost Earth continues the tradition and sets up an epic space struggle that gives gamers an excuse to play.

In a move that must have infuriated developers, Com2uS has trademarked the words ‘tower defense’ after their new title. While the the imaginative name sure won’t stop any other developer from crafting their own, the moniker perfectly describes their game. In short, Tower Defense: Lost Earth is phenomenally plain and can easily be lost in the crowded tower defense genre. All the cast you’ve come to know and love as has returned this season: towers that slows enemy movements, disposable machine-gun turrets, and structure upgrades make this feel more like a rerun than a fresh pilot.

However, don’t let that statement discourage you. Tower defense fans are sure to enjoy this game regardless. While only coated in a space opera themed struggle, Tower Defense: Lost Earth attempts to introduce a number of gameplay formulae to keep it from getting stale. Once per level, users will be able to use a unique power up that can help the player to fend off enemy waves. Tower Defense: Lost Earth also adds a minor formula from real-time strategy games – resource gathering. While not comprehensive as say, Starcraft, the resource gathering adds a small layer of strategy. You’ll be faced with the decision whether to fight off the horde or use the structures to procure resources.

Like most of Com2us’ anime style games, Tower Defense: Lost Earth boasts crisp graphics on mobile devices. The cartoon sprites looks detailed  and are very well animated, though mileage may vary according to screen types. If you’ve never played more popular titles such as Fieldrunners or the Android classic Robo Defense, then consider jumping into the franchise in which million have wasted hours. Considering how those titles are paid, at least Tower Defense: Lost Earth is a great way to enjoy, er, tower defense™ for free.

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