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Dark Legends tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week saw several big name publishers put out their latest and greatest. Dark Legends, the latest free-to-play MMO from Spacetime Studios of Pocket Legends and Star Legends fame, was released, and it’s great. The latest “story” simulation game from Kairosoft made the rounds, despite leaving the word “story” out of its title. A new action RPG from Gamevil, a new social management game from Gameloft, and a relatively unknown castle defense title also get some coverage. Here are this week’s top Android Games.

Dark Legends (Free)

This is the latest pocket sized MMO to come from Spacetime Studios. Yup! The same people who brought us the addictive Pocket Legends and Star Legends have brought us another one, but instead of exploring our pockets or the far reaches of space, we explore the night and our own dark side. Vampires are the theme of the day here, and surely they are not the sparkly kind. This game is completely free to play, just as great as their past titles, and even a little bit spooky at times. Now that we’ve tackled the three big pulp genres of fantasy, sci-fi and horror, I just wonder where the company will go next!

Cafeteria Nipponica ($4.95)

This is the latest “story” game from Kairosoft, despite the different title, who have told tales of Game Devs, Hot Springs, Mega Malls, and so much more. Restaurants are the name of the game this time around. Run a kitchen and stock up your very own restaurant, host popularity-boosting PR events, recruit new apprentice chefs for a bit of help, and so on. The thing that makes all these Kairosoft simulations worth playing, despite their vast similarities, are the small ways in which each are different, as every game adds a bit more depth to what came before. This developer just keeps cranking them out, yet somehow, they remain engaging. There is also a lite version for you to try out.

Advena (Free)

This is the latest action RPG from Gamevil, and is more like Zenonia than many of their alternate recent offerings. The difference here is the focus on party dynamics, with five different characters with their own classes. You can switch between them on the fly at any time, and the strategy comes from always using the right person for the job. The simple, yet colorful and appealing pixel art style of Gamevil is present, and the always-well done music sets the tone for adventure. With tons of levels and online player-versus-player and cooperative raid modes, this is a solid new RPG.

Ice Age Village (Free)

Gameloft has done these growth and expansion/management Facebook style games before, but it’s a fairly rare occasion to see one on Android, let alone one from such a beloved franchise. You (or rather your kids), can immerse themselves in the official Ice Age intellectual property, build up their own unique village, visit and compare their friends’ villages, and enjoy a smattering of guest appearances from the movie characters. Chief among these are the playable mini-games including everyone’s favorite acorn-hunting squirrel, Scrat. Yes, the game chiefly exists to promote the upcoming sequel, but it’s fairly well done if this genre is your cup of tea.

Hero of Magic (Free)

This is a new castle defense shooter from the relatively unknown Elextech, and it’s a fairly fun fantasy affair. By simply touching the screen, you will aim and shoot a massive repeating crossbow at oncoming goblins, ogres, trolls and various other monsters of fantasy, while casting some destructive spells when things get a bit too hairy. Earn lots of gold and crystals from your performance, upgrade your crossbow’s attack power and fire rate, your various spells, or your general defense, and do it again. I like the colorful art style and fun music of this game, and had a surprising amount of fun with the simple and repetitive mechanics. I definitely recommend a download.

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